Hydraulic Installation Clamp HVZ-GENIUS-II

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The highly efficient excavator attachment grab now with significantly increased shifting force. With only one single hydraulic circuit required and the fully automatic selectable motion sequences the HVZ-GENIUS-II is a powerful all-rounder without being dependent on electric current.

Equipment for shifting other stone formats e.g. such as H-stones on request.
No cost-intensive filter maintenance.
Specific, automatic pushing-off device ADV.
Complete with continuous hydraulic rotator, hoses and suspension for excavator, and now also includes a bracket for quick-release adapters.
Safe gripping function depending on the condition of the spacers and the quality of the stones. Weight without hydraulic rotator, C-Profiles and suspension.

Further information

  • An inspection glass provides a better view of the drum control’s direction of rotation.
  • Larger safety handles with a new design.
  • Now with a scale for even easier adjustment of the main gripping width.
  • Allows automatic shifting of rectangular pavers into running bond.
  • Flush laying without any gap along walls and kerbs.
  • Overlaying handles are quickly removable.
  • No retrofitting of the excavator.
  • The HVZ-GENIUS-II can be fit to all types of excavators. Thus no additional investment in case the clamp is to be attached to different types of excavators.
  • Gripping range can be easily adjusted without additional tools.
  • The supporting wheels can be adjusted easy and quickly through a crank handle.
  • Grab swing brake between hydraulic rotator and excavator suspension.
  • First-class, electrogalvanised material components guarantee optimum operating safety and long life cycle.
  • Minimum operating weight of excavator from approx. 3.5 t.

Scope of supply

HVZ-GENIUS-II: Including rotator. With a tool holder for tubular and Allen keys 2 C-Profiles 760 mm/30 inch long and 10 Positioning Adapters to shift pavers by 100 mm/4 inch.

Technical details

Type Order no. Working Load Limit/WLL (lbs) Dead Weight (lbs) Gripping Range (in) Hydraulic Connection Pressure (psi) Hydr. Volumetric Flow (gpm) Hydr. Backflow Pressure , max. (psi) Opening Width Main Gripper (in) Opening Width Side Gripper (in) Length of Gripper (in) Inside Height (in) min. weight carrier (lbs) Height Stone/Element (in)
HVZ-GENIUS-II 51400042 882 747 23,62-55,12 2611-4641 6,61-21,14 145,04 22,83-57,87 37,80-56,69 39,37/47,24 2,76 7716 1,97-6,30


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