Hydraulic Installation Clamp HVZ-UNI-II

The new HVZ-UNI-II is more universal in use, more robust in design and more easy to adjust
this device incorporates the experience of
2 decades in mechanical installation.
It can be used in conjunction with the laying machine VM-301/401/203/204 as well as other carriers which provide two hydraulic circuits to operate the clamp. The main and side clamps are controlled directly from the carrier.

Further information

  • Setting off the main and side clamping width made simple and easy without tools by using scale pointers.
  • The side clamping arms swing up completely in order to allow laying close to a wall sideways without any gap.
  • The powerful side clamp achieves easy shifting of pavers into the running bond.
  • Gripping depths and height of the support wheels can be adjusted without tools easy and quickly.
  • Pushing-off technology ADV guarantees installation complying with the regulations: During the laying process the individual pavers creep apart by approx. 0.5 – 1 mm (in addition to the spacer bars). This joint distance must not be eliminated by hammering!
  • Because the pavers can not rock during the laying process, time consuming readjustment is avoided.
  • Pushing off device ADV as a standard
  • feature integrated.
  • 2 C-Profiles 860 mm long and 10 Positioning Adapters to shift pavers by 100 mm.
  • Low deadweight.
  • Main gripping width can be set much more easily via a spindle with integrated spring assembly instead of the previous chain centring method.
  • Significantly increased displacement force for problem-free movement into the running bond ( 3 x greater than with the HVZ-UNI).
  • New suspension – enabling the clamp to hang with less movement.
  • Durable surface protection by galvanizing.

Technical details

TypeOrder no.Hydraulic Connection Pressure (psi)Hydraulic Connection Volumetric Flow (gpm)Hydraulic Connection Backflow Pressure, max (psi)Weight Dead Weight (lbs)Height Stone/Element (in)Opening Width Main Gripper (in)Opening Width Side Gripper (in)Working Load Limit/WLL (lbs)
HVZ-UNI-II for VM-301/203/204514000362901-46414-202904952-6,2522,75-49,537,75-56,75880


TypeOrder no.Description Weight Dead Weight (lbs)
HVZ-UNI-II-PEA41400986Set of PE supports for height adjustment 25

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