The right paving clamp for any excavator

Safe, reliable, affordable and professional

With our hydraulic paving clamps you can turn your excavator into a paving machine. Depending on your requirements, we offer the right paving clamp: the HVZ-LIGHT for smaller projects, the HVZ-ECO and HVZ-GENIUS-II for all those who regularly have to pave larger areas.

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A paving laying clamp for every purpose

  • For practically every type of excavator: suitable clamps even for mini-excavators
  • One hydraulic control circuit is enough
  • Galvanized for durable surface protection
  • Quick change of attachments due to quick coupler
  • ADV bead breaker as standard (optional on HVZ-LIGHT)

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The advantages are obvious

Use the construction machines that are already at your disposal!

Our paving laying clamps can be used with all common types of excavators. This means they can be used flexibly - and at the same time minimize your excavator downtime.

With a paving clamp, you can work ergonomically and with minimum effort: making hard work easier. At the same time, the purchase costs for the clamps are lower than for your own paving machine.

The clamps can lay entire layers of stone at once - achieving a high laying output: between 400 and 900 square meters per day, depending on the type of paver, excavator and site organization. And all this with an attachment that you can easily transport on a Euro pallet.

The all-purpose clamp: HVZ-ECO

Light, slim, universally applicable, for excavators from 2.3 t: the professional clamp for every paving job.

  • With 227 kg dead weight relatively light due to high-strength materials (optionally available: rotary head, half-iron and suspension)
  • Side tensioning with 1.1 tons displacement force
  • Direct laying on borders and curbs
  • Suspension adjustable and double spring-loaded
  • Cushioning of the swiveling behavior by damping springs
  • Adjustable in a few steps and without additional tools
  • Automatic shifting of rectangular stones into the runner bond

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The robust one: HVZ-GENIUS-II

The universally usable clamp for all excavator types from 3.8 tons: Safe, convenient, comprehensively applicable.

  • 339 kg own weight: high-quality material components for long service life
  • Displacement force of the side tension: 2 tons
  • Direct laying on borders and curbs
  • Active pendulum brake between turning head and excavator suspension
  • Large safety handles
  • From main span to set-down roller: everything can be adjusted in a few simple steps and without additional tools
  • Fully automatic selectable motion sequences of the clamp
  • Automatic shifting of rectangular bricks into the carriage

Other equipment always available on demand. Overhanging elements can be removed, the overall size can be reduced.

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The lightweight: HVZ-LIGHT

The light and inexpensive entry-level clamp for machine stone laying, especially suitable for large slabs.

  • Dead weight only 159 kg (without rotary head, half-iron and suspension).
  • Particularly suitable for mounting on mini-wheel loaders and mini-excavators - for vehicles from 1.5 tons upwards
  • Grip width adjustment via chains
  • Additional chain for inclining the clamp: simplified pick-up and precise laying of the stone layer2-point suspension and spring for damping vibrations
  • Without swivel head and without side tensioning - un-toothed stone layers from the carriage can therefore not be displaced

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Questions and answers about paving clamps

Can I connect the paving clamp to any excavator or other carrier equipment?

Our paving clamps can be used on all commercially available excavators and comparable construction site equipment. The decisive factor is to pay attention to the appropriate minimum weight. While the HVZ-LIGHT can also be operated with mini-excavators from 1.5 t, the HVZ-ECO and the HVZ-GENIUS-II would be too heavy for them; here, excavators of 2.5 or 3.5 t are required.

Up to which excavator size class can the paving clamps be used?

In principle, Probst paving laying clamps can also be used on excavators and wheel loaders of a high size class; however, it is important to note that these construction machines could lead to uncontrolled displacement of the paving on freshly laid paving, which is by no means desirable.

How durable are the paving clamps?

Probst's clamps are galvanized, which prevents rust. Due to their sturdy construction, our paving laying clamps have an extremely long life. The HVZ-GENIUS-II usually needs only small, common repairs and replacement of wearing parts.

Do I need to readjust the paving clamp for other stones?

The paving clamps can be adjusted to different gripping widths in just a few steps.

Who takes care of the service?

Our friendly service staff will be happy to assist you - and will also ensure that the spare parts reach you quickly.

Which is more suitable: paving laying machine or excavator with paving grapple?

An excavator with a paving clamp is always the right choice when laying pavement is only part of their job. This allows you to flexibly use your excavators and wheel loaders for different purposes, but also use them for laying pavement. Thanks to the quick-change attachment, the paving laying clamp is quickly ready for use at any time and can be adjusted to fit in just a few steps. All our clamps can be easily transported to the construction site on a Euro pallet.

But if paving is one of your company's daily tasks, it is worth having a construction machine just for this purpose: a paving laying machine that makes the laying work even faster because it is more maneuverable and lighter than an excavator.

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making hard work easier

Whether in structural or civil engineering, whether in the garden or on the street: We are at home on all construction sites. Our machines and tools make life easier for everyone who works with paving stones, pipes and other concrete products. Because we put efficiency and ergonomics first, we have become the world market leader in the field of gripping and laying technology through numerous innovations.

Your expectations as a customer are clear: to simplify work, to make it more efficient - and of course the machines should do their job reliably. For these daily challenges, we offer customized and sustainable solutions, be it construction site equipment for all applications, for example paving stone laying machines, or machines for storage and material handling in building material plants. Our truck crane attachments facilitate transport and loading in the warehouse and on the construction site, while our professional hand tools for all purposes help with laying and inserting.

The well-known Probst quality also includes the Probst service: In our driver training courses we train your employees to become specialists for our equipment and machines. Our professional service takes care of all questions and problems that may arise in everyday work.

For more than 60 years we have been growing continuously and are reliably available for you worldwide with more than 1.700 sales partners. We have our own branches in Great Britain, France, Italy, Poland, Korea, Australia, Canada and the USA; worldwide, more than 190 Probst employees work daily to make your hard work easier.