The perfect paver laying machine for any purpose

Laying pavers: quickly, efficiently and precisely

When it comes to laying paving stones, the following applies: The work should be done quickly, precisely and easily, while at the same time being economical in terms of time and resources.
Our installation machines are universally suitable for the laying of all commercially available interlocking paving stones. If you often and regularly lay large areas of pavers, our paver installation machines are the right choice for you.

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Our installation machines come with all you need

  • Large swiveling range of approx. 1,600 mm from a standing position - only by steering, so the pavement does not shift.
  • Large pick-up height of up to 1,800 mm - so you can pick up from up to 2 packages stacked on top of each other.
  • Off-road capability due to large tire diameter and ground clearance - perfect for any construction site.
  • Low stress on the pavement: This is ensured by wide tires and different track widths at the front and rear.
  • High stability: The low center of gravity and favorable load distribution ensure safe standing even in tight curves.
  • The outer edges of the vehicle have been adapted to the steering geometry, so there are no protruding vehicle parts when driving around obstacles.
  • Maneuverability in confined spaces due to double articulated steering and unrestricted all-round visibility.
  • With hydraulic endless turning head for the laying tongs.
  • Occupational safety firmly integrated: Ergonomic arrangement of seat, steering wheel, control lever and pedal.

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Optimally equipped with the right paver clamp

Let's get to work: With the right Hydraulic Laying Clamp (HVZ), a Probst paver laying machine can be used for all standard paver types and stone sizes. The clamp picks up an entire layer of stones and can place them perfectly with the laying aid.

The paver installation machines are characterized by great maneuverability and a low overall height - this makes them suitable for use in underground garages or in similarly cramped conditions.

Our installation machines are easy to operate - a short training period is all that is needed to work more effectively every single working day. As you would expect from the world market leader in gripping and laying technology: making hard work easier.

Best views on your paving work: VM-X-PAVERMAX

  • 360° panoramic view for optimal overview.
  • Optimized stability with up to 700 kg payload.
  • Maximum smoothness and a very pleasant driving experience.
  • Perfect maneuverability in the tightest of spaces.
  • On request, including numerous comfort features - from practical automatic programs to a heated seat with air suspension.
  • Easy maintenance thanks to free access to all relevant parts.
  • 4-cylinder Kubota diesel engine (3-cylinder for basic), 18.5 kW/25 hp. Meets EU Stage V and TIER IV final (USA) emissions regulations, no restrictions in environmental zones as engine power < 19 kW.

Four models - the ideal configuration for every requirement.

The VM-X-PAVERMAX is the new reference class of paver installation machines. It combines a brand new feeling of space with pioneering technologies - and makes work more comfortable and precise than ever before.

Whether basic, standard, comfort or premium: With four configuration variants, the VM-X-PAVERMAX is perfectly equipped for all challenges.

You can choose between innovative additional features - from efficient automatic programs to the air-suspended comfort seat. Common to all variants is the unprecedented smoothness of operation and our double articulated steering system for maximum maneuverability in the tightest of spaces.


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The all-electric: VM-301-GREENLINE

The award-winning installation machine – emission-free, low-noise, electric

  • Awarded with the third place at the Environmental Technology Award 2021 of the Ministry of the Environment Baden-Württemberg in the category "Emission Reduction, Processing & Separation".
  • Maintenance-free asynchronous motors for all machine functions.
  • Basic version with two lithium-ion batteries à 48V, 105Ah, third battery optionally available. Two on-board chargers à 48V, 50A.
  • Battery life up to 6 hours in laying mode, with intermediate charging up to 8 hours maximum. Very efficient use of energy.
  • Display shows, among other things, charge status, driving speed and operating hours.

Convincing performance

Electronics and operator always protected: The VM-301-GREENLINE is already available in the basic version with a fully glazed tubular steel cab as well as heating and windshield wiper.

It is controlled by an electronic joystick, the travel drive provides up to 8kW of power and an automatic parking brake ensures standstill. The working hydraulics are supplied with up to 5kW. All this almost vibration-free thanks to the electric motors.

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We will not leave you alone

To ensure that your employees master all the tricks of the trade, we offer extensive training courses.

In a practical way and in small groups, we address the everyday challenges.

For example:

  • How do I adjust the hydraulic laying clamp to the different interlocking units?
  • How do I set up the construction site ideally in order to work efficiently?
  • How and where do I place the pavers to best grab them?

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What is a paver laying machine?

A paver laying machine is a construction machine that is optimized for the precise and rapid laying of paving stones. Due to its design, small size, optimal maneuverability as well as the large swivel range, it can be used on almost all construction sites with ease.

With the installation machine, you can always pick up a layer of paving stones at once thanks to the paver clamp, transport them directly to the location where they are to be laid, and place them precisely against the paving stones that are already in place.

Which is more suitable: paver laying machine or excavator with paver clamp?

If you only lay pavers occasionally on your construction sites, laying clamps can be a good alternative as attachments for all commercially available excavators. We have a selection of laying clamps for attaching to excavators - the right paving grab for every application!

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making hard work easier

Whether in structural or civil engineering, whether in the garden or on the street: We are at home on all construction sites. Our machines and tools make life easier for everyone who works with paving stones, pipes and other concrete products. Because we put efficiency and ergonomics first, we have become the world market leader in the field of gripping and laying technology through numerous innovations.

Your expectations as a customer are clear: to simplify work, to make it more efficient - and of course the machines should do their job reliably. For these daily challenges, we offer customized and sustainable solutions, be it construction site equipment for all applications, for example paving stone laying machines, or machines for storage and material handling in building material plants. Our truck crane attachments facilitate transport and loading in the warehouse and on the construction site, while our professional hand tools for all purposes help with laying and inserting.

The well-known Probst quality also includes the Probst service: In our driver training courses we train your employees to become specialists for our equipment and machines. Our professional service takes care of all questions and problems that may arise in everyday work.

For more than 60 years we have been growing continuously and are reliably available for you worldwide with more than 1.700 sales partners. We have our own branches in Great Britain, France, Italy, Poland, Korea, Australia, Canada and the USA; worldwide, more than 190 Probst employees work daily to make your hard work easier.