TRANSMOBIL TM Installation Carrier

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A compact universal machine – transport and handling of palletized building material and vacuum installation all in one. With a dead weight of approx. 1,600 kg (3525 Ibs) only, transportation is done easily with a standard trailer. The powerful vacuum laying unit allows the immediate installation of heavy construction elements – effortless and without physical strain.

The lifting unit is equipped with 2 fork tines. Working length 1,090 mm (43”), horizontally adjustable. Lifting height of the lifting unit 340 mm (131/2”), lifting capacity 1,500 kg (3,300 Ibs).
For maximum pallet-width of 1,300 mm (51”).
Dimensions: Overall width 1,910 mm (75”). Total height in transporting position 2,240 mm (88”). Total length in transporting position 2,510 mm (99”).
We offer two models:
TM-D-A: with sound insulated Hatz Silent Pack diesel engine.
TM-D-A-SILENT: with sound insulated Hatz Silent Pack diesel engine with additional soundproofing measures. Noise emission < 80 dB.
All models are equipped with electronic, fully automatic boom alignment – makes work even quicker and particularly user-friendly. Positioning of laying elements without physical effort.

Further information

  • With boom 250 kg (550 Ibs) payload is possible at full extension.
  • Mostly kerb stones are installed one one side of the road, whilst on the other side vehicles are still allowed to drive. Knuckle boom jib with „SAFESTOP“ never reaches into the traffic area!
  • Robust vacuum lifting unit HE and Operating valve unit BE-SPRINT-2, can be taken off the unit by quick release connections, for example during the night (protection against vandalism).
  • The mast of the vacuum laying unit can be adjusted precisely vertically to allow positioning of the lifting unit light as a feather alongside the perfectly horizontal jib. Adjustment approx. +/- 5 degree sideways, +/- 10 degree in driving direction.
  • Compact transportation measurements. The jib is lowered down without manual power via a hydraulic cylinder.
  • Quick and simple locking of both knuckle boom links by operating just one lever.
  • Robust, powerful rubber crawler track – thus the TRANSMOBIL TM maneuvers well and unfailing even on rough terrain. Travel speed approx. 2,2 km/h (1,4 mph).
  • Driven by powerful vacuum turbine, also lifts porous materials.
  • With more poweful lifting hose unit, proper suction plate etc. and platform for counterweight TM-GGP upgradeable to 250 kg (550 Ibs) at full outreach.
  • Kerbs can be moved over a length of 6 m without having to move the TM.
  • Large number of suction plates available for different stone sizes and weights.

Technical details

Type Order no. Working Load Limit/WLL -420 mbar (kg) Payload (kg) Dead Weight (kg) Type of Drive Diesel Engine (kW) Load Extension (mm)
TM-150-D-A 52220015-150 150 1500 1595 9,6 3000
TM-200-D-A 52220015-200 200 1500 1610 9,6 3000
TM-250-D-A 52220015-250 250 1500 1615 9,6 3000
TM-150-D-A-SILENT 52220016-150 150 1500 1710 9,6 3000
TM-200-D-A-SILENT 52220016-200 200 1500 1725 9,6 3000
TM-250-D-A-SILENT 52220016-250 250 1500 1730 9,6 3000


Type Order no. Description Payload (kg) Dead Weight (kg)
TM-GGP 42220070 Essential add-on once the lifting capacity exceeds 150 kg (330 Ibs). Installation material, such as kerb stones serve as counterweight. 250 9,2

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