Installation Machine VM-301-GREENLINE

Installation Machine VM-301-GREENLINE – the new scale in mechanical paving

All machine functions are powered by maintenance-free asynchronous motors.
Up to 8 kW drive power transmitted to the drive gears by a differential axle.
Hydraulic unit with up to 5 kW of power to supply the work hydraulic system.
Automatic electric parking brake on the front axle.
Basic device incl. hydraulic rotator, without attachment.
Battery technology / Basic version:
2 lithium ion rechargeable batteries at 48 V, 105 Ah.
Total: 210 Ah / 10.1 kWh
Recharging technology: 2 on-board chargers, each 48 V, 50 A
Charging time (battery power at 0 %) on a 230 V power supply: approx. 4.6 h
Charging time (battery power at 0 %) on a 400 V power supply: approx. 2.3 h
Max. battery life up to 6 hours of paving operation (without electrical consumers such as heating, fan, lights, radio ...). With intermediate charging (with quick charge function 400V / e.g. 1 h during lunch break) up to 8 h of paving operation.
For 50 % more battery capacity: optional 3 lithium-ion rechargeable battery at 48V, 105Ah.

Further information

  • Fully glazed tubular steel cabin for weather protection with heating and windscreen wiper.
  • Continuous hydraulic rotator.
  • Electronic joystick with arm support for controlling main/ side gripping width and rotator.
  • Emission-free and low-noise operation.
  • Very low vibrations.
  • Very efficient use of energy thanks to the refined electric motors.
  • Display with indicator for battery level, driving speed, operating hours, etc.
  • Wide diameter tyres and high ground clearance, therefore suitable also in rough terrain.
  • Wide pivoting range of approximately 1,600 mm from a standing position is achieved solely by a steering movement – and without shifting of the pavement.
  • Double articulated steering enables manoeuverability in the tightest spaces.
  • Unlimited all-round-view for the driver, important when driving backwards.
  • Ergonomical positioning of the seat, steering wheel, joystick, operating lever and pedal.
  • With standard built-in radio.

Technical details

Type Order no. Description Working Load Limit/WLL (kg) Dead Weight (kg) Hydr. Volumetric Flow (l/min) Type of Drive electric/Battery (kW) Dimensions LxWxH (mm) Working Voltage (V) Working Pressure (bar) Max. Weight Paver Layer (kg) Turning Radius (mm) Driving Speed (km/h) Height Lifting Height (mm) Battery Capacity (Ah)
VM-301-GREENLINE 51500024 Basic device installation machine without laying clamp HVZ 650 1340 20 8/5 3692x1220x1980 48 180 320/380 2450 6/11 1600 210-315


Type Order no. Description Dead Weight (kg)
Lithium-ion battery 48V/105Ah 24200146 Rechargeable battery for VM-301-GREENLINE 37,0
Extra weight 41500357 To increase the working load limit to 380 kg 35,9
Exterior mirror 41500358 Retrofit kit 13
Mounting bracket 41500739 For light package and/or exterior rear-view mirrors (is only required once) 1,6
Windscreen washer 41500788 With adjustable spray nozzles on the windscreen wiper arm. Without adjustable wiping interval. Retrofit kit for VM-301-K/VM-301-GL 13,7
LED-Light kit VM-301-GL 41500977 2 x LED headlamps, 1 x LED rear light 3,5
LED-Turning Light 41500978 Incl. fold-out foot 2,0
Reversing alarm 41500983 For VM-301-GL 2,0
Adapter QJ 40110319 For Rotator 1,5


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