Hydraulic Installation Clamp HVZ-UNI-II-EK

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The HVZ-UNI-II-EK installation clamp requires only one hydraulic control circuit on the side of the carrier for automatic installation of interlocking paving stones. It is therefore ideally suited for attachment to smaller carrier, such as Knick- and Rollmops as well as small wheeled loaders.

All the properties of the HVZ-UNI-II (other than shifting layers into stretcher bond) are also integrated into the HVZ-UNI-II-EK.
Fitted onto a paving installation machine, the simplified automatic programme sequence allows even inexperienced drivers to achieve good laying performance very quickly.
The single-circuit control is started/stopped simply using the intersection control lever or electric joystick on the paving installation machine.
Safe gripping function dependent upon the condition of the spacers and the quality of the stones. Specification net weight without hydraulic rotator and swing damper.

Further information

  • Durable surface protection by galvanizing.
  • For further information see HVZ-UNI-II.

Technical details

Type Order no. Working Load Limit/WLL (kg) Dead Weight (kg) Hydraulic Connection Pressure (bar) Hydr. Volumetric Flow (l/min) Hydr. Backflow Pressure , max. (bar) Opening Width Main Gripper (mm) Opening Width Side Gripper (mm) Length of Gripper (mm) Inside Height (mm) Height Stone/Element (mm)
HVZ-UNI-II-EK 51400040-000 400 241 170-320 15-75 20 580-1260 960-1440 1200 70 50-160
HVZ-UNI-II-EK with Herring-Bone- Adapter HVZ-FA-RE 51400040-001 400 275 170-320 15-75 20 580-1260 960-1440 1200 70 50-160
HVZ-UNI-II-EK with Paving Claw Adapter HVZ-UNI-II-PK-II 51400040-002 400 285 170-320 15-75 20 580-1260 960-1440 1200 70 50-160

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