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VM-X-PAVERMAX Installation Machine

Best views on your paving work: 360° panoramic view meets maximum laying comfort.

May we introduce: VM-X-PAVERMAX, the new reference class in paver laying machines. It combines a completely new sense of space with pioneering technologies - and makes work more comfortable and efficient than ever before.

All we can say is: 360° panoramic view with full glazing. Sensational stability with a load capacity of up to 700 kg. Two practical automatic programmes. And, on request, a wide range of comfort features for even more efficient laying of all commercially available interlocking stone laying units. The new VM-X-PAVERMAX: This is how you lay today.

The perfect configuration for every challenge.

Whether basic, standard, comfort or premium: With four equipment configurations, the VM-X-PAVERMAX is perfectly prepared for all challenges. You can choose between innovative additional features – from efficient automatic programs to the air-suspended comfort seat.

All models have unprecedented smoothness in common, as well as our double articulated steering system for maximum maneuverability in the tightest of spaces.

Clear view all around.

The VM-X-PAVERMAX offers a unique feeling of space – with a full overview of the laying edge and all outer edges of the machine. Both the front and the side doors are fully glazed, while a curved 180° panoramic rear window provides an optimum view to the rear.

Full view ahead – and to the left, right and rear.

Make yourself comfortable.

The VM-X-PAVERMAX is equipped with numerous comfort features so that even large laying projects can be completed without fatigue and with maximum concentration. From the spacious, decoupled cabin to the large-volume wide tires and the pendulum brake in the direction of travel: The VM-X-PAVERMAX combines maximum smoothness with a particularly pleasant driving experience.

All controls are ergonomically arranged, and both the steering wheel and the seat can be conveniently adjusted individually. Speaking of seats: the comfort seat of the premium model is equipped with seat heating, air suspension, compressor and longitudinal damping.

Have a great ride!

Not only laying, but also driving becomes particularly efficient and comfortable with the VM-X-PAVERMAX. The good response of the foot pedal prevents jerky starts, the double articulated steering and the tight turning circle allow perfect maneuverability even in the tightest spaces. In addition, the outer edges of the VM-X-PAVERMAX are adapted to the steering geometry – no protruding vehicle parts get in the way when driving around obstacles.

The premium version also allows the operator to choose between three operating profiles: Two laying modes with different response characteristics of the foot pedal and joystick, as well as a travel mode for pure driving operation.

All relevant data is displayed in real time on the 5" touch screen in the premium variant or on the 2.4" screen in the comfort, standard and basic variants, from the battery charge control to the coolant temperature. In multiple languages, of course: German, English, French, Polish and Spanish.

More efficient laying.

With the VM-X-PAVERMAX, laying all commercially available interlocking paver laying units becomes easier than ever before. In the premium version, convenient automatic programs ensure that the machine takes over recurring tasks independently. In addition, the articulated boom with two joints increases the reach of the machine – and at the same time minimizes the necessary travel movements during positioning.

Not to be forgotten: The enormous grab height for picking up from two packages stacked on top of each other (up to a height of 1,800 mm). And the large swiveling range of around 1,600 mm from a standing position – purely by steering, without moving the pavement.

Safety without compromise.

We have further increased stability - with a maximum payload of up to 575 kg in the basic and 700 kg in the standard, comfort and premium models. The low center of gravity and favorable load distribution ensure that the machine stands securely in all situations, even in tight corners.

The automatic parking brake offers additional safety: it is activated as soon as the operator leaves the seat and is released automatically when the operator gets back on.

Maintenance made simple.

For fast maintenance, all parts relevant to customer service are freely accessible and do not have to be removed at great expense. The premium version also has a diagnostic option with which you can independently read out various errors and receive targeted support from our customer support by phone.


Fully equipped with all the comfort and automatic features, such as adjustable comfort seat with air padding, heated seats, decoupled comfort cab, 5" touch screen and articulated boom.


Equipped with comfortable operator's cabin, standard adjustable seat with mechanical suspension, decoupled comfort cabin, 2.4" screen and standard boom.

VM-X-PAVERMAX standard

Equipped with partially enclosed operator's cabin, standard adjustable seat with mechanical suspension, decoupled comfort cabin, 2.4" screen and standard boom.


Entry-level model with partially enclosed operator's cabin, adjustable standard seat with mechanical suspension, 2.4" screen and standard boom.

Download all information and equipment options at a glance as a PDF:

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Further information

  • 360° panoramic view for optimum overview.
  • Optimized stability with up to 700 kg load capacity.
  • Maximum running smoothness and a particularly pleasant driving experience.
  • Perfect maneuverability in the tightest of spaces.
  • Numerous comfort features available on request – from practical automatic programs to heated seat with air suspension.
  • Easy maintenance thanks to free access to all relevant parts.
  • A 4-cylinder Kubota Diesel engine (3-cylinder at basic) 18.5 KW/ 25 hp means high performance reserves. Complies with EU emission regulations level V and TIER IV final (USA), no restriction in environmental zones, as engine power < 19 kW.

Technical details

Type Order no. Working Load Limit/WLL (kg) Dead Weight (kg) Hydr. Volumetric Flow (l/min) Type of Drive Diesel Engine (kW) Dimensions LxWxH (mm) Working Pressure (bar) Max. Weight Paver Layer (kg) Turning Radius (mm) Driving Speed (km/h) Height Lifting Height (mm)
VM-X-PAVERMAX premium 51500025 700 1600 26 18,5 3731x1300x2000 200 470 2510 16 2500
VM-X-PAVERMAX comfort 51500026 700 1600 26 18,5 3800x1300x2000 200 470 2500 16 2250
VM-X-PAVERMAX standard 51500027 650 1500 26 18,5 3800x1300x2000 200 420 2500 16 2250
VM-X-PAVERMAX basic 51500028 575 1450 30 18,5 3800x1300x2000 200 345 2500 16 2250


Type Order no. Description Dead Weight (kg)
LED-Light kit 41501065 2 x LED front headlights, 1 x LED rear headlight, for all variants
LED professional light package 41501093 2 x LED headlights for front apron. For standard, comfort and premium (Prerequisite: LED light kit)
LED-Turning Light 41501066 3 lighting modes – single flash, dual flash, all-round. For all variants
Exterior mirror 41501056 For all variants
Sound package 41501067 DAB+ radio with Bluetooth, USB and speaker. For comfort and premium
Mobile phone holder 26990089 For all variants
Reversing warning system 41501091 For all variants
Special paint 41501096 For standard, comfort and premium
Wipe water function 41501064 For comfort and premium
Preparation for vacuum use 41501070 For mounting hydraulically driven vacuum units. For standard and comfort
Hydraulic continuous rotator 41501095 For basic 15,70
Diesel particle filter DPF 41501074 For all variants 29,269
Loading lugs / crane loading 41501092 For all variants

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