Manhole and Cone Installation Clamp SVZ-UNI-VARIO

5 years warranty

With the SVZ-UNI-VARIO manhole and cone installation clamp, even cones hang on exact level. The detachment takes place via an automatic trip mechanism.

Some sealing systems absolutely require the installation of cones in an precisely vertical position. This is possible for cones of every shape and size thanks to Integral centre of gravity adjustment.
Diameter adjustable in degrees as follows: 625/700/800/1,000/1,050/1,200/1,250/1,350/1,500 mm (24½/27½/31½/39½/41¼/47¼/49¼/53¼/59 inch).

Further information

  • Manhole rings and centric cones are laid horizontally without shifting the suspension point. By switching via the guides on the suspension, the excavator driver can control the automatic shift of the suspension point for laying asymmetric cones.
  • Fully automatic trip mechanism for switch-over from „full“ to „empty“.
  • A rearrangement of the settings is not necessary when handling manhole rings and cones, as the SVZ-UNI-VARIO has got two gripping levels.
  • Universally suitable for manhole basers, rings (height 500 mm/19¾ inch or larger) and cones.
  • Ultimate safety in gripping by means of self-tensioning steel claws.
  • Durable surface protection by galvanizing.

Technical details

Type Order no. Working Load Limit/WLL (lbs) Dead Weight (lbs) Diameter Nominal Diameter (in)
SVZ-UNI-VARIO 54000041 5512 326 24,61-59,06

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