FastGRAB™ / Concrete Step Handles TSZ

5 years warranty

Suitable for handling steps, kerb stones etc. in conjunction with a lifting device.

Further information

  • Easily adjustable opening width by means of a spring-loaded bolt.
  • Considerable inside height. Conical kerb stones are also gripped securely, as the gripper has an inside height of 185 mm thus being able to grip underneath the conical form.
  • Lifting eye for attaching to crane hook.
  • Automatic release for fully automatic switch-over from “full” to “empty”.
  • Exchangeable profiled rubber seals.
  • Galvanised finish.

Technical details

Type Order no. Working Load Limit/WLL (lbs) Dead Weight (lbs) Gripping Range (in) Length of Gripper (in) Inside Height (in)
TSZ-UNI 53100338-003 1323 64 1,97-23,62 13,78 7,28
TSZ MAXI 53100364-003 1323 77 33,46-43,31 13,78 7,28


Rock Gripper: Special steelfinger grippers allow for safe installation of roughly-cut ashlar rocks. The steel-finger grippers can be screwed on the clamp (built in or after 2009, order number 53100338) in just a few simple steps.
Inside Height Adjustment Bracket Set (recommended): for all versions of FTZ-UNI/MAXI/MULTI and TSZ-UNI. Adjustable range TSZ-UNI/MAXI approx. 55 – 140 mm. Adjustable range FTZ-UNI/MAXI-25 and FTZ-UNI/MULTI-15 approx. 120 – 255 mm. FTZ-UNI-50 approx. 55 – 155 mm. FTZ-MAXI-50 approx. 55 – 195 mm.
Type Order no. Description Working Load Limit/WLL (lbs) Dead Weight (lbs) Gripping Range (in) Inside Height (in)
Rock Gripper 43101384 1323 12 1,97-21,65 8,27
Inside Height Adjustment Bracket Set (recommended) 43100867 5,51
Retaining Wall Clamp Gripper 40000874 64


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