Telescopic Screeding Bucket TAK

5 years warranty

Universally suitable for precise preparation of the laying course. Specially designed for mechanical operation.

Further information

  • Special aluminium profiles – Extremely solid with low-wear and high-tensile alloy which are designed to be fully telescopic and continuously adjustable. With integrated jam system to lock and release the telescopic segments in any desired position.
  • Each side equipped with height-adjustable and smooth-running roller units with sliding metal sheets and deflectors.
  • No height mismatch at the single telescopic junctions as all profiles are arranged at the same level.
  • The skillfull design of the profile and its height of 300 mm (11¾ inch) allows the distribution of lots of material. By universally suitable handling attachment, the TAK can be lifted and transported.
  • The bucket filled with screeding material can be picked-up with a wheel loader for accurate discharge.

Scope of supply

TAK-750: Recommended professional model, consisting of: 1 each Aluprofile 1,100, 1,700, 2,700, 3,000 mm (43¼, 67, 106¼, 118 inch) long, with integrated jam system. 1 set = 2 units height adjustable roller units with wipers, with handling system for operating with loader. 1 pair = 2 units pulling chains, incl. hooks each working width between 1,200 mm (47¼ inch) and 7,500 mm (295¼ inch) can be achieved.
TAK-350: Basic model, as described above, only with 2 Alu-Segments each 1,700 mm (67 inch) long, achieving each working width between 1,750 mm (69 inch) and 3,500 mm (137¾ inch).

Technical details

Type Order no. Dead Weight (kg) Height Adjustable Range (mm) Working Width (mm)
TAK-750 51000013 285 0-250 1200-7500
TAK-350 51000018 200 0-250 1750-3500


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