Telescopic Screeding Bucket TAK

Universally suitable for precise preparation of the laying course. Specially designed for mechanical operation.

Further information

  • Special aluminium profiles – Extremely solid with low-wear and high-tensile alloy which are designed to be fully telescopic and continuously adjustable. With integrated jam system to lock and release the telescopic segments in any desired position.
  • Each side equipped with height-adjustable and smooth-running roller units with sliding metal sheets and deflectors.
  • No height mismatch at the single telescopic junctions as all profiles are arranged at the same level.
  • The skillfull design of the profile and its height of 300 mm allows the distribution of lots of material. By universally suitable handling attachment, the TAK can be lifted and transported.
  • The bucket filled with screeding material can be picked-up with a wheel loader for accurate discharge.

Scope of supply

TAK-750: Recommended professional model, consisting of: 1 each Aluprofile 1,100, 1,700, 2,700, 3,000 mm long, with integrated jam system. 1 set = 2 units height adjustable roller units with wipers, with handling system for operating with loader. 1 pair = 2 units pulling chains, incl. hooks each working width between 1,200 mm and 7,500 mm can be achieved.
TAK-350: Basic model, as described above, only with 2 Alu-Segments each 1,700 mm long, achieving each working width between 1,750 mm and 3,500 mm

Technical details

TypeOrder no.Working Width (mm)Weight Dead Weight (kg)


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