STONEMAGNET SM-600-GREENLINE Vacuum Lifting Device

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Handy, powerful and cordless vacuum lifting device for laying of dense stone slabs, concrete elements, pipes and similar. Can be used with all kinds of lifting equipment.

Specially designed and equipped for heavy duty work on the construction site.
For special purposes, there are different suction plates available, which can be attached to the SM easily.
Can be used with any hoist.
Special features:
The SM-600 is equipped with 2 vacuum pumps as standard. When handling dense products, only one pump is used. On slightly porous material, or when quick cycle time is required, the second pump can be switched on by the switch.

Further information

  • Robust and compact main body, with integrated suspension for crane hook and quick change device for the suction plate.
  • With integral chain-box and load-securing chain.
  • Powered by rechargeable, exchangeable 12 V AGM-AKKU. Power saving control system makes battery lasting for one whole working day. Battery can be exchanged within seconds. Battery charge indicator. Battery charger not included.
  • Integral charger socket for charging.
  • Durable surface protection by galvanizing.

Scope of supply

SM-600-GREENLINE: Security features: Flashing light to warn of insufficient vacuum, automatic control system to start the vacuum pump after loss of pressure, manometer, high volume vacuum storage tank.

Technical details

SM-600-GREENLINE-POWER: Additional features: Twice the pumping capacity compared with the SM-600, providing greater reserves for slightly porous materials. Built-in operating hours counter. Suction and release operation via comfortable button-activation. Optional retro-fitting of remote control for suction and release operations, enabling single-operator activation from the carrying device.
SM-600-GREENLINE-POWER-FFS: As SM-600-GREENLINE-POWER, but with additional remote control SM-FFS (included in delivery) for suction and release.
Type Order no. Description Working Load Limit/WLL (kg) Dead Weight (kg) Type of Drive electric/Battery (kW) Working Voltage (V)
SM-600-GREENLINE 52720006 Basic device, without suction plate 600 34 0,046/0,093 12
SM-600-GREENLINE-POWER 52720007 Basic device, with stronger pump, without suction plate 600 35 0,054/0,108 12
SM-600-GREENLINE-POWER-FFS 52720008 Basic device, with stronger pump and remote control 600 35 0,054-0,108 12


Type Order no. Description Dead Weight (kg) Working Voltage (V) Battery Capacity (Ah)
AGM-AKKU 12V/26Ah 24200008 Spare storage 9,1 12 26
LG-220 V/12V 24200152 Battery charging device w/overload protection and charging current limiting. Housing is water and dust-proof
SM-BB 42720063 Operating handle also for retrofitting 1,58
SM-FFS 42720346 Remote Control for gripping and releasing for SM-600-GREENLINE-POWER. (Retro-fitting available only in the Probst works) 0,43


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