UNIMOBIL UM-SM Laying Dolly - Complete Version

Equipped with battery driven STONEMAGNET SM-600-GREENLINE. The UNIMOBIL UM-SM is the perfect vacuum laying system for slightly porous slabs and stone.

Suction plate not included in scope of delivery.
If you are already using a SM please ask us for a quotation to upgrade it to a UM-SM.
Complete version consisting of: UM-SM + SM-600-GREENLINE or SM-600-GREENLINE-POWER.

Further information

  • The most gentle and the closest positioning of slabs as possible. Re-pick up possible. Also suitable for slightly porous stones.
  • It is equipped with handles on the suction plate and a 90° turnable suspension for the perfect positioning of the slabs.
  • With handles for precise guidance of the suction plate for positioning the material to be placed.
  • Durable surface protection by galvanizing.
  • Quick adjustment of the arm in 5 different positions.

Technical details

TypeOrder no.DescriptionWeight Dead Weight (kg)Working Load Limit/WLL (kg)
UM-SM42740011Basic version for installing the STONEMAGNET SM42150


SM-600-GREENLINE-POWER: Additional features: Twice the pumping capacity compared with the SM-600, providing greater reserves for slightly porous materials. Built-in operating hours counter. Suction and release operation via comfortable button-activation. Optional retro-fitting of remote control for suction and release operations, enabling single-operator activation from the carrying device.
TypeOrder no.Description Working Voltage (V)
SM-600-GREENLINE52720006Basic device, without suction plate 12
SM-600-GREENLINE-POWER52720007Basic device, with stronger pump 12
Battery 12V/26Ah24200008Spare storage 12
SM-SPS-90-30/2042720009Suction plate 300x200
LG-220 V/12V24200152Battery charging device w/overload protection and charging current limiting. Housing is water and dust-proof


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