Suction Plates SM-SPS for STONEMAGNET

Other suction plates on request.

Further information

  • Durable surface protection by galvanizing

Technical details

TypeOrder no.DescriptionDimensions LxW (mm)Weight Dead Weight (kg)Working Load Limit/WLL -500 mbar (kg)
SM-SPS-90-30/2042720009Suction plate300x200590
SM-SPS-200-58/2842720001Suction plate580x2808,2200
SM-SPS-400-75/2742720002Suction plate750x27010400
SM-SPS-600-95/3442720349Suction plate950x34015600
SM-SPS-HP-100-90/942720115Suction plate900x907100
SM-SPS-160-90/1242720047Suction plate900x1207160
SM-SPS-150-41/2242720018Suction plate410x2205150
SM-SPS-150-80/1442720013Suction plate800x1407150
SM-SPS-120-80/1242720043Suction plate800x1206120

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