Vacuum Turbine Unit VGE-SB

Complete, ready-to-run unit for the electrical production of vacuum.

For more difficult use, such as handling of porous elements and high lifting-speed requirements.

Scope of supply

VGE-SB-L-EL-EU: Strong, compact housing to be installed on the floor or against the wall. Powerful vacuum turbine with 3-phase elec­tri­c motor, for maximum low pressure 520 mbar (7,541 psi). With large volume dust-filter with pre-separation for rough conditions in construction industry, including filter-cartridge. With motor-protection switch, pressure relieve valve and electrical plug CEKON 32 A with integrated phase-switch.

Technical details

Type Order no. Dead Weight (lbs) Electric Voltage /AC (50 Hz) (V) Electric Voltage /AC (60 Hz) (V) Type of Drive electric/AC (50 Hz) (kW) Type of Drive electric/AC (60 Hz) (kW)
VGE-SB-L-EL-EU 47600160 249 230/400 265/460 4 4,8
VGE-SB-L-EL-USA 47600161 249 230/460 4,8
VGE-SB-L-EL-RU 47600162 249 200/350 220/380 4 4,8


Supply Hose: For connecting the turbine unit to the lifting unit. With 2“ coupling and 2 hose clamps.
Type Order no. Description Dead Weight (lbs) Diameter inside (in) Length (in)
Supply Hose 42100030 Polyurethane 22 2,36 275,59


Spare parts

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