Slipform for Concrete Backfill of Precast Kerbs GR-150

5 years warranty

When installing kerb stones it is mandatory to get them backfilled with concrete formwork as per DIN 18318. To avoid time-consuming and expensive assembly of timber formwork at the construction site we developed a slipform with lots of clever features.

The slipform GR-150 adjusts to all prevalent precast kerb dimensions. Effortless sliding due to rollers equipped with ball-bearings.
Within seconds the slipform plate is removed from the formed concrete and put into working position again by 2 eccentric levers.
To compact the concrete backfill - according to DIN specifications - the GR-150 comes with a hand tamper including fastener.

Further information

  • Applicable at not too narrow curves as well.
  • Significant saving of material to some extend compared to conventional concrete liner.
  • Optional add-on: Link rod for slipform KS-GR-150. This connection rod links up two or more slipforms for formwork building.
  • Durable surface protection by galvanizing.

Technical details

Type Order no. Dead Weight (lbs) Length (in) Width (in) Working Width (in)
GR-150 51000066 71 59,06 3,15-7,87 5,91


Type Order no. Description Dead Weight (lbs)
KS-GR-150 41000241 Connection rod link 2,87


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