POWERJET PJ-1650 Vacuum-Lifting Device

Large-sized concrete slabs with decorative surface finish as well as sandstone slabs may sometimes be very porous. The POWERJET PJ-1650 is especially designed for these kind of slabs.

The enormous suction capacity of this series makes an efficient and safe installation of such porous slabs possible now. This enormous suction capacity is produced by a special vacuum blower for vacuum generation.
Can be attached to any carrier by means of load hook, chain, ropes etc.
Can be equipped with a hydraulic rotator as an add-on if requested.

Further information

  • With intelligent, battery powered warning system.
  • Highest working safety due to integrated chain safety device, so that even highly porous lifting material is protected in case of power failure.
  • Ergonomic handles for guiding the PJ.
  • Compact design.
  • Including high-volume dust filter.
  • Durable surface protection by galvanizing.
  • Powered by integrated petrol engine with electric start, with integrated manually operated suction release device.
  • Optional features: radio remote control of the suction release device PJ-B-FFS or alternatively hydraulically operated suction release device PJ-B-HAE.
  • With one of these two options, the vacuum lifting device becomes fully one-man operation. The operator controls the activation and release of suction from the drivers seat.

Technical details

PJ-1650-H: Powered by the hydraulic system of the carrier, standard equipment includes hydraulically operated suction release device, the operator controls the activation and release of suction from the drivers seat.
TypeOrder no.Dimensions LxWxH (in)Type of Drive Petrol Engine (kW)Weight Dead Weight (lbs)Working Load Limit/WLL (lbs)Working Load Limit/WLL -400 mbar (lbs)Type of Drive hydraulic (kW)Hydraulic Connection Pressure, min (psi)Hydraulic Connection Pressure (psi)Hydr. Volumetric Flow (gpm)Hydr. Backflow Pressure , max (psi)


PJ-RS: Transport Trolley suitable for PJ-1650-B and -H. For using the POWERJET device as mobile vacuum unit on site. Safe transport.
TypeOrder no.Description Dimensions LxWxH (in)
PJ-RS42400497Transport trolley for PJ-1650-B and -H. 41,25x24,75x12,5
PJ-B-FFS42400502Radio remote control for suction release for PJ-1650-B 4,75x8,75x4
PJ-B-HAE41900122Hydraulic release device, carrier has to provide one separate hydraulic circuit for proper connection. Inclusive Hydraulic hose. For operation w/VM-401/301/203. 2,5
PJ-B-HAE41900123Hydraulic release device, carrier has to provide one separate hydraulic circuit for proper connection. Inclusive Hydraulic hose. For operation w/excavator. 2,9


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