SlabHANDLER™ / Laying Clamp VZ

5 years warranty

The smaller SlabHANDLER VZ IR, VZ IS, and VZ II can be lifted by two workers or by construction equipment. Lift products quickly and safely without rigging. With three options available and an opening range between 20“ to 67“ (51-170 cm), the SlabHANDLER can be used for multiple applications. This versatile tool is great for job site placement of slabs and precast or granite curbing.

VZ I- Model R (Rubber Grippers):
Lifting Capacity: 220 lb (100 kg).
Gripper Height: 2 ½“ (6.4 cm).
Gripper Width: 8“ (20 cm).

VZ I- Model S (Steel Grippers):
Lifting Capacity: 220 lb (100 kg).
Gripper Height: 1 ½“ (4 cm).
Gripper Width: 4“ (10 cm).

VZ II- (Rubber Grippers):
Lifting Capacity: 660 lb (300 kg).
Gripper Height: 1 ¾“ (4 cm).
Gripper Width: 8“ (20 cm).

Technical details

VZ-II: Comes complete with rubber grippers, suitable for moving large slabs.
Type Order no. Working Load Limit/WLL (lbs) Dead Weight (lbs) Gripping Range (in) Length of Gripper (in) Inside Height (in)
VZ IR Rubber Gripper 53100198 220 26 9,84-38,58 7,87 2,36
VZ IS Steel Gripper 53100140 220 25 19,69-41,14 3,94 1,57
VZ-II 53100141 661 55 27,56-39,37 7,87 1,97


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