Fork Lift Grab STAZ-UNI-4

Specially designed for the safe gripping of un-strapped and un-compressed stacks of multilayer production.

The same characteristics as the STAZ-UNI but equipped with a four-sided clamping action.
Because the main and the end gripping is hydraulically controlled separately, and by using pressure plates (accessory), an exact Two compression of the stacks and the elimination of any gaps are achieved.
Separate hydraulic circuits are neccessary to be supplied by the fork lift truck.
(Supplied without connecting hoses to the fork lift truck).
Required jaw lengths depending on the dimensions of the stone layer.
Contoured grippers for special layers on special request.

Technical details

Type Order no. Working Load Limit/WLL (lbs) Dead Weight (lbs) Hydraulic Connection Pressure (psi) Opening Width Main Gripper (in) Opening Width Side Gripper (in) Inside Height (in)
STAZ-UNI-4-850 57000165 6614 1687 2611-3046 21,65-48,43 35,43-55,12 33,46
STAZ-UNI-4-1000 57000166 7165 1786 2611-3046 21,65-48,43 35,43-55,12 39,37
STAZ-UNI-4-1200 57000167 7716 2072 2611-3046 21,65-48,43 35,43-55,12 47,24

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