EASYCLEAN EC-60 Paver Cleaning Device

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Highly efficient, engine-equipped high pressure cleaner with splash guard. It enables fast and consistent cleaning of concrete pavers, slabs and natural stone pavement even during the trading hours in pedestrian areas!

Further information

  • Cleans Up to 5 Times More. Compared to lance-equipped pressure washers. 2 fast rotating special spray nozzles ensure that.
  • New Looking Pavement in colour and structure by even surface and joint cleaning in one go.
  • Independent from Power Supply due to powerful gasoline engine.
  • Reduced Preparation Time since the splash guard is an excellent protective measure. Thus no fouling of the surrounding area and the user. This modern design makes protective clothes for the user unnecessary.
  • Save Cleaning of Joints.
  • High Safety for Surrounding Area due to covered work space.
  • Dirt is Flushed Aside by an integrated flushing system.
  • Improved Water Permeability. Sediment-free joints allow more water to pass.
  • Independent of mains power, the powerful high-pressure pump (max. 150 bar operating pressure) is driven by a powerful 4 KW (5.5 hp) Honda petrol engine, only a water supply is needed (bayonet fitting, minimum water pressure = 0,3 bar/psi, minimum volume flow, 20 l/min).
  • Easy movement of machine: wheels below the splash guard allow easy handling.
  • Handle with integrated stop cock for water supply cut-off.
  • Compact Transport Size. A foldable handle reduces the size to (L x W x H) 800 x 600 x 500 mm / 31 x 24 x 20 inch which suits most car boots.
  • Long-Life Splash Guard. Stainless steel protects against rust.

Scope of supply

EC-60: Including Water Hose Adapter WSA-Gardena as a standard feature (adapter for connecting the EC-60 bayonet coupling to a Gardena water hose coupling).

Technical details

Type Order no. Dead Weight (lbs) Water Connection Pressure, min. (psi) Water Volumetric Flow, min. (gpm) Type of Drive Petrol Engine (kW) Dimensions LxWxH (in) Working Width (in)
EC-60 51700004 117 4,35 5,28 4 31,50x23,62x19,69 23,62


Spray Lance SL-8 and Chemical Kit CK: Spray Lance SL-8: Complete spray lance, nozzles adjusted to the high pressure pump, lance head with integrated switch for high/low pressure, including high pressure hose with 8 m length. Chemical Kit CK: Our high pressure pump is equipped with a metering unit for chemical additives. The CK enables the intake and the dosage of such additives from containers.
Dirt Drill DF: Spray lance head with integrated dirt drill for erasing heavy dirt. Can be fixed within seconds to the SL-8.
Sand Blasting Kit SSK: For erasing persistent dirt up to derusting and similar applications. This kit allows intake and dosage of sand for blasting (sand is not included in kit).
Type Order no. Description Dead Weight (lbs)
Spray Lance SL-8 and Chemical Kit CK 26110032 10
Dirt Drill DF 26110026 1,30
Sand Blasting Kit SSK 26110033 (0.1 – 0.5 mm / 0.004 – 0.02 inch grain quartz sand) 5,73


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