Crane Boom with Distance Adjustment KA + VA

A hydraulically extendable suspension point to extend the clamp forward of the fork lift truck.

When using the distance adjustment, take note of the following points:
The stability of the fork lift truck can be guaranteed only when the clamp is in its fully retracted position.
The clamp must only be extended when the fork lift is stationary, as long as the clamp is of a maximum of 10 cm above the loading surface of the truck.
The customer must fit an optical signal. (Flashing lights or such like) to the fork lift, to warn the driver when the load is not in its fully retracted position. (For this purpose an electric contact switch is supplied with the device).

Further information

  • Trucks can be loaded from one side alone.
  • Useful in confined spaces.


KA-I-VA: Crane Boom for single grabs with distance adjustment.
KA-II-S-VA: Crane Boom for double grabs with distance adjustment.
Type Order no. Description Working Load Limit/WLL (lbs) Dead Weight (lbs) Load Extension (in)
KA-I-VA 47120035 10472 1058 44,09-70,87
KA-II-S-VA 47120036 14330-20944 1521 44,09-70,87

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