Adapter suspension Lehnhoff LSW for HVZ-GENIUS-II / HVZ-ECO

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By using the SW, the HVZ-GENIUS-II / HVZ-ECO can be fitted to all kind of excavators which are equipped with the Lehnhoff quick-change-device.

Universal-Excavator-Suspension UBA
Suitable for most current excavators, maximum bolt diameter up to 70 mm, incl. adapter set of spacer sleeves.
Advantage: The HVZ can be quickly and easily fastened to any excavator.
Hydraulic connection hoses to connect the HVZ to the carrier.
Connection: 12 L Cutting Ring.
2 Hoses are necessary per machine.


Type Order no. Description Working Load Limit/WLL (lbs) Dead Weight (lbs)
LSW-MS-01 40110178 Suitable for Lehnhoff-Type MS-01 1764 42
LSW-MS-03 40110268 Suitable for Lehnhoff-Type MS-03 2205 36
LSW-MS-08 40110269 Suitable for Lehnhoff-Type MS/HM 08 2205 165
LSW-MS-03 + MS-08 40110434 Suitable for Lehnhoff-Type MS-03 and MS-08 2205/2205 108
LSW-MS-01 + MS-03 40110479 Suitable for Lehnhoff-Type MS-01 and MS-03 1764/2205 42
Fork to LW 86 universal joint for LSW 03 + LSW 08 Lehnhoff adapter + UBA-1200/3000 40110278 2646 7,94
UBA-1200 41400571 2646 33
UBA-3000 41400088 6614 40

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