Concrete Pipe Lifter RVD-4,5-ECO

The universal installation device for unloading, transport and installation of steel reinforced concrete pipes.

There is no need for using slings or chains. By means of the mechanical clamping mechanism pipes cannot slip off thus accurate placement can be easily achieved.
The excavator driver positions the spigot end of the pipe to be installed with the pipe installation mandrel on the bell end of the pipe already in the trench. The pipes are then joined together with the relevant force.

Further information

  • New: It is possible to mount an additional rotator or tilt rotator. This makes it even more flexible.
  • Revised, compact design.
  • Mandrel with plastic plate on the underside to gently push the pipe into the correct gap after installation.
  • Increased working load limit.
  • Easier pipe handling in the trench lining thanks to an optimised mandrel (compact dimensions).
  • With fork sleeves for transportation with fork arms.
  • Flexible: The pipe lifter RVD-4,5-ECO can be simply attached to any excavator via the integrated, universal flange plate (not included in scope of delivery), using a quick-hitch coupling.
  • Simple to use: autonomous, simple pick-up of the pipe lifter through the digger driver, requires no mounting procedure, short training time for employees.
  • Safe: no personal needed for pick-up and put down the pipes, thus heavy reduction in potential hand-injuries.
  • Profitable: very short payback period and excellent return on investment due to 50% saving on installation time.

Technical details

TypeOrder no.Diameter inside (mm)Length Stone/Element (mm)Weight Dead Weight (kg)Working Load Limit/WLL (kg)


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