Suction Plates VS-SPS for SPEEDY VS-140/200

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Further information

  • Depending on type: aluminium version or galvanised with durable surface protection.

Technical details

Type Order no. Description Working Load Limit/WLL -200 mbar (kg) Dead Weight (kg) Dimensions oval, LxB (mm) Dimensions LxWxH (mm) Angle (°Degree)
VS-GH-SPS-80-40/30 42710129 Suction Plate 80 2,1 400x300
VS-GH-SPS-100-50/30 42710130 Suction Plate 100 2,7 500x300
VS-GH-SPS-140-70/30 42710131 Suction Plate 140 3,4 700x300
VS-GH-SPS-200-85/34 42710132 Suction Plate 200 11,9 850x340
VS-GH-WSP-85-90/8-12-90° 42720345 Angeled Suction Plate 85 8 900x80x120 90
VS-GH-WSP-150-90/12-15,5-101° 42720347 Angeled Suction Plate 150 6,5 900x120x155 101
VS-GH-WSP-150-70/15,5-17-90° 42720360 Angeled Suction Plate 150 7 700x155x170 90


Type Order no. Description Dead Weight (kg)
Lamellar plugs 21070141 1 item, for plugging drilled holes in the suction plates
VS-GH-SPS 42710127 Retro fit kit counter holder for existing suction plate consisting of: 2 x counter holder + screws, nuts 0,1
VS-AP 42710163 Adapter plate for special SPEEDY suction plates 4


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