SandSCREED PRO™ / TELEPLAN TP Handscreeding System

5 years warranty

Screeds simply by pulling without the need to force the blade edge down into the bedding. Using the weight of the sand within blade‘s profile arc, SandSCREED PRO maintains downward pressure, keeping it‘s edge down for you.
Use as a standard screed board or with the Handle Set. Anytime you need a straight edge, level or to verify slope, check the Built-in Level Indicator.

Further information

  • Positionable Handle Brackets connects anywhere across screed.
  • Width adjusts without tools.
  • Built-in height guides (adjust from 0” – 5”).
  • Built-in level.
  • Curved design „cuts“ into bedding sand reducing lift.
  • Adjustable Screed Guide on both ends to screed off an existing curb, pavement, or edging.

Technical details

Type Order no. Dead Weight (lbs) Height Adjustable Range (in) Working Width (in)
TP-100/165 51010001 10 0,00-5,00 39,37-64,96
TP-150/260 51010002 13 0,00-5,00 59,06-102,36
TP-200/350 51010003 16 0,00-5,00 78,74-137,80


HG-ERGO-SOLO: Handle for TELEPLAN and FIXPLAN, which has been further developed according to ergonomic aspects. 1 piece incl. handle holder, enables fatigue-free working in a standing body position.
HG-ERGO-DUO: Handles for TELEPLAN and FIXPLAN, which have been further developed according to ergonomic aspects. Set consisting of 2 pieces, allow fatigue-free working in standing body position, can be attached to the side parts at any time via a plug-in fastener.
TP/FP-RS: Set of Roller Units for TELEPLAN/FIXPLAN (can be added later).
Type Order no. Description Dead Weight (lbs)
HG-ERGO-SOLO 41010074 6,61
HG-ERGO-DUO 41010072 9,48
TP/FP-RS 41010080 2,65


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