SurfaceSAVER™ MAT / Protective Mat SXR for Vibration Plates

Fast, gentle and covering the entire surface – with the SXR mat for vibrating plates you can distribute jointing material into the paving joints much more efficiently than with standard mats without holes.

The integrated honeycomb technology of the protective mat serves as a reservoir for the jointing material.
The recesses minimise the slowing down of the vibration plate due to accumulated sand piles.
Damage to paving stones with a textured surface, clay stones, natural stones and pavement slabs is also significantly reduced when using the protective mat. The result is an area-wide distribution of the joint material and an intact substrate.

Further information

  • Suitable for almost all vibrating plates.
  • Honeycomb urethane rubber mat 760 x 560 x 10 mm (L x W x H).
  • Also suitable for reversible vibrating plates (forward as well as reverse).
  • Optional extra: second clamping strip to be able to attach the protective mat to the front and rear of the vibrator if required.

Technical details

Type Order no. Weight Dead Weight (lbs) Dimensions LxW (in)
SurfaceSAVER Mat Universal Kit 201505 15 22,01x30,00
Mounting Bracket 1540 & 1550 005012 3,09


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