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The block cutters from Probst – more splitting force with reduced effort.

Snap blocks without great force: easy! With the perfect combination of lever and eccentric transmission and and triangular knife, huge splitting force with minimal operating force is generated with all mechanical block snappers.
Blocks can therefore be cut cleanly without dust, noise or wastewater.
No particulate emissions occur, which are harmful to health.

STS-33 / STS-43: Spring-mounted supporting table (both halves of the table tiltable) allows clean undercut for precise laying without uneven large gaps.
STS-33-F: With tilted, rigid supporting table, so that the block is cut at a constant angle.
STS-43-H / STS-65-H: Designs also suitable for concrete kerbstones or limestones.
STS-43-H / STS-65 / STS-65-H: Spring-mounted supporting table (one half of the table tiltable, one half rigid) allows clean undercut for precise laying without uneven large gaps.

Further information

  • High rationalisation effect, as clean snapping of the blocks can often replace time-consuming and expensive cutting with masonry saws.
  • Clean cuts with precisely guided, triangular, reversible blade.
  • Better view of the cutting line.
  • More splitting force with reduced effort.
  • Size indicator in centimetre and inches as well as 45-degree angle on both support plates speed up the work enormously.
  • Durable surface protection by galvanizing.

Technical details

Type Order no. Dead Weight (lbs) Width Cutting Width (in) Height Stone/Element (in)
STS-33 51200075 90 12,99 0,39-4,72
STS-33-F 51200076 90 12,99 0,39-4,72
STS-43 51200077 126 16,93 0,39-4,72
STS-43-H 51200078 146 16,93 0,39-11,81
STS-65 51200079 194 25,59 0,39-4,72
STS-65-H 51200080 216 25,59 0,39-15,75


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