PAVE EDGE is the highest performing paver edging in the industry & professional’s choice for 30+ years!

Rigid can be used as a flexible edge restraint. A 7 ft section can be flexed slightly to produce a contour with a radius limit of approximately 17 ft. The rigid model is ideal for straight runs and gentle curves with minimal spikes.

Materials and Design: Polyvinyl Chloride
• 100% pure virgin and recycled, environmentally safe PVC
• Virgin PVC retains it superior strength and has “memory”. So, as it moves under load, it returns to original its shape.

Triangular, Reinforced Design
• Ensures vertical wall stays perpendicular to the pavement
• Best structural support for straight edges & smooth curves
• Hollow core design does not act as a heat sink
• Allows a minimum of 2” of top soil or sod above PAVE EDGE to top of paver

Frictional Holding Rib
• Provides lateral load resistance by ‘biting’ into the aggregate base (US Patent # 5,073,061)

Frost Heave / Sand Retention Lip
• Utilizes downward pressure of load and weight of pavers to lock edging into base
• Guarantees edging will move with pavement system under all weather conditions
• Bedding sand will not migrate

Pre-Drilled Spike Holes
• Accommodates 3/5” diameter steel landscape spikes
• Spaced every 12” on RIGID. For further strength, drive spikes any where along the back support

Connector Tubes
• Pre-inserted into the ends of PAVE EDGE for seamless connections at all joints

Engineer Tested and Proven
• Stork Twin City Testing Corporation did mechanical engineering pavement loading & deformation testing on material, design, and spiking frequency that prove PAVE EDGE is the highest performing edging in the industry!
• The superior design and material resists movement and makes PAVE EDGE Restraint outperform all others! The higher the load, the difference between PAVE EDGE & competitors grow!

Further information

  • Best defense against shifting and deformation
  • Contains up to 60% more material by weight per foot than other paver edge restraints
  • Eliminate frost heave with the lip
  • Environmentally engineered and pure virgin recycled PVC material
  • Designed for pedestrian, vehicular and commercial applications

Technical details

Type Order no. Description Dead Weight (lbs)
Rigid 84 ft Bundle 51800122 12 x 7 ft Sections 32


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