Radial Cut Adapter RSA

5 years warranty

The RSA converts each standard block cutter into a radial cutter within seconds.

Further information

  • Now concrete pavers can also be cut with a radius. So connections around manhole covers can be done precisely, quickly and professionally with-out breaking the optics.
  • Suitable for outside diameter of manhole covers of approx. 700 – 800 mm (27½ – 31½ inch).
  • Easy handling, RSA has only to be posi­tioned between the two plates of the cutter. The RSA does not have to be rigidly fixed in this position.
  • Durable surface protection by galvanizing.

Technical details

Type Order no. Dead Weight (lbs) Width (in) Width Cutting Width (in) Height Stone/Element (in)
RSA-25 41200016 9,61 13,98 9,84 1,97-3,94

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