PAVE EDGE Industrial

PAVE EDGE is the highest performing paver edging in the industry & professional’s choice for 30+ years!

On heavy-duty commercial and permeable (PICP) applications Industrial has proven itself for decades to be the most economical alternative to poured-in-place concrete curbs. It is the best performing, lowest labor, lowest material cost per foot of any industrial edge restraint.

Materials and Design: Polyvinyl Chloride
• 100% pure virgin and recycled, environmentally safe PVC
• Virgin PVC retains it superior strength and has “memory”. So, as it moves under load, it returns to original its shape.

Triangular, Reinforced Design
• Ensures vertical wall stays perpendicular to the pavement
• Best structural support for straight edges & smooth curves
• Hollow core design does not act as a heat sink
• Allows a minimum of 2” of top soil or sod above PAVE EDGE to top of paver

Frictional Holding Rib
• Provides lateral load resistance by ‘biting’ into the aggregate base (US Patent # 5,073,061)

Frost Heave / Sand Retention Lip
• Utilizes downward pressure of load and weight of pavers to lock edging into base
• Guarantees edging will move with pavement system under all weather conditions
• Bedding sand will not migrate

Pre-Drilled Spike Holes
• Accommodates ” diameter steel landscape spikes
• For further strength, drive spikes any where along the back support

Connector Tubes
• Pre-inserted into the ends of PAVE EDGE for seamless connections at all joints

Engineer Tested and Proven
• Stork Twin City Testing Corporation did mechanical engineering pavement loading & deformation testing on material, design, and spiking frequency that prove PAVE EDGE is the highest performing edging in the industry!
• The superior design and material resists movement and makes PAVE EDGE Restraint outperform all others! The higher the load, the difference between PAVE EDGE & competitors grow!

Further information

  • Longer extended lip with thicker walls and additional frictional ribs.
  • Designed for 3-4” (8-10 cm) commercial/industrial pavers.
  • 10 ft long, straight, one-piece sections.
  • Pre-drilled holes 6” apart alternating backside/front extension lip.
  • Connector Pipe shipped one 10 ft sectionper carton of 120 ft to allow cuts as needed. Recommend connector pieces cut to 10”.

Technical details

Type Order no. Description Dead Weight (lbs)
Industrial 120 ft - Bundle 51800117 12 x 10 ft Sections 6,61


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