Accessories for Hydraulic Installation Clamp HVZ

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For some installation units it can be advantageous or even necessary, predominantly for the side grippers, to use a special adapter in order to achieve optimal gripping.
The shifting adapter is used with rectangular stones, for instance, to shift pavers into the running bond. (Please, indicate stone formation).
When laying installation units in the herring-bone pattern, it is better not to bother with the half stones on the sides and to use a herring-bone adapter FA instead (Please, indicate stone formation).
Special adapters SA for installation units 21–24 or similar are available on request (please, indicate stone formation).


Type Order no. Description Dead Weight (lbs)
C-Profiles 34010018 50 x 30 x 950 mm (2 x 1 x 38 inch) B x H x L 13
C-Profiles 34010046 50 x 30 x 860 mm (2 x 1 x 34 inch) B x H x L 12
FA-Adapter for HVZ-UNI 41400277 (external bow not required) 22
FA-Adapter for HVZ-UNI-II/HVZ-ECO 41400847 (for rectangular pavers) 40
FA-Adapter for HVZ-UNI-II/HVZ-ECO 41401042 (for Uni pavers) 33
HD connection hose 22000081 600 mm (24 inch) long for hydraulic rotator Indexator 12 L 0,62
HD connection hose 22000032 1,100 mm (44 inch) long for hydraulic rotator HVZ 10 L 1,72
HD connection hose 22000007 1,700 mm (67 inch) long – HVZ 12 L 1,98
HD connection hose 22000014 2,500 mm (10 inch) long – HVZ/VZ-HS 12 L 2,43
HD connection hose 22000312 3,000 mm (10 inch) long – HVZ 12 L 3,75


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