FIXPLAN FP Handscreeding System

5 years warranty

Quick and easy planing of small and medium-sized areas - with the new FIXPLAN FP handscreeding system.

The FIXPLAN FP aluminium profile is sickle shaped. As a result the profile cuts itself into the bedding material and does not move upwards! No need for executing any force to push it down when pulling. Especially when screeding compacted sand, also in case of the screed bar cannot be moved sideways sawing off the bedding material due to lateral obstacles or boundaries, the advantages of the FP profile are enormous with regard to effort of energy, working speed and high-quality performance of the laying course.
With height adjustable height stop on both sides, range of adjustment 0-127 mm (0 – 5 inch). Can be taken off quickly if required.

Further information

  • 4 screeding widths available.
  • Intergrated fitting for optionally available handles HG-ERGO-DUO included in the side parts.
  • With the optionally available handle HG-ERGO-SOLO, the FIXPLAN FP can also be used by just one person.
  • The light-weight aluminium hollow profile is extremely sturdy (low weight: only 1.3 kg / 3 Ibs per metre).
  • Long Lifespan.

Technical details

Type Order no. Dead Weight (lbs) Height Adjustable Range (in) Working Width (in)
FP-70 51010015 5,51 0,00-5,00 27,56
FP-150 51010016 7,94 0,00-5,00 59,06
FP-200 51010017 9,48 0,00-5,00 78,74
FP-250 51010018 11 0,00-5,00 98,43


HG-ERGO-SOLO: Handle for TELEPLAN and FIXPLAN, which has been further developed according to ergonomic aspects. 1 piece incl. handle holder, enables fatigue-free working in a standing body position.
HG-ERGO-DUO: Handles for TELEPLAN and FIXPLAN, which have been further developed according to ergonomic aspects. Set consisting of 2 pieces, allow fatigue-free working in standing body position, can be attached to the side parts at any time via a plug-in fastener.
TP/FP-RS: Set of Roller Units for TELEPLAN/FIXPLAN (can be added later).
Type Order no. Description Dead Weight (lbs)
HG-ERGO-SOLO 41010074 6,61
HG-ERGO-DUO 41010072 9,48
TP/FP-RS 41010080 2,65


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