Block Loading Grabs AKZ-UNI-H with Adjustable Height

Very robustly designed grab for use on truck-mounted cranes with built in depth adjustment for adapting to building material packages with different heights.

This universal grab type is optimally equipped for the transportation of building material packages of different types and sizes. Due to the variable height adjustment and the large opening range, it can be used for all common building material packages with and without pallets.
Depth adjustment with a choice between floating position and locked.
The different levels are for the following heights:
Level 1 (turned 0°) R 1,100 mm (43”)
Level 2 (turned 90°) R 1,280 mm (50”)
Level 3 (turned 180°) R 1,470 mm (58”)
Level 4 (turned 270°) R 1,650 mm (65”)
Due the optimised steel construction, no pressure when switching between the different depths is necessary - safe gripping of the packages.

Further information

  • Hydraulically stepless parallel travel.
  • Robust gear rack balance for the absolute synchronized running of the hydraulic cylinders.
  • Large-surface, low-maintenance plastic sliding guides.
  • Manually adjustable pressure-reducing valve.
  • Oil pressure gauge.
  • 4 screw hooks with safety lock to hold ropes or belts, for example for BigBags. The hooks can also be fitted inside (1 hook per handle). The screw hooks must take the load in equal parts.
  • Easy lubrication of the upper and lower sliding guides through attached grease nipples by means of a grease gun. The lubricating grease thus reaches all important places.

Technical details

Type Order no. Working Load Limit/WLL (lbs) Dead Weight (lbs) Hydraulic Connection Pressure (psi) Opening Width Main Gripper (in) Inside Height (in) Gripper Base Length Main Gripper (in)
AKZ-UNI-H 56100101 4189 904 2611-3046 14,57-53,94 43,31-64,96 28,35



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