Probst is one of the winners of the Environmental Technology Award Baden-Württemberg 2021

Just in time for the company's 60th anniversary, Probst achieved third place in the 2021 Environmental Technology Award in the category "Emission Reduction, Processing & Separation" for its all-electric VM-301-GREENLINE paver laying machine, awarded by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry for the Environment, Climate and Energy Management.

from left to right: Eric Wilhelm (Managing Director Probst GmbH), Marius Kaltenbach (Team Lead Laying Technology), Sibylle Hepting-Hug (Head of the Department of Policy, Sustainability, Climate Protection, Resource Efficiency, Recycling Management at the Ministry of the Environment, Baden-Württemberg), Foto Credits: Martin Stollberg


In November 1961, Ernst Probst started manufacturing innovative clamps for lifting building materials in the Swabian town Erdmannhausen. Six decades later, Probst GmbH still holds the innovation leadership as a hidden champion.

The Baden-Württemberg Ministry for Environment, Climate and Energy Management has been awarding the Environmental Technology Prize every two years since 2009 for outstanding and innovative environmental technology products. In four categories, products are honored that make a significant contribution to resource efficiency as well as environmental protection and are about to be launched on the market or have been on the market for no longer than two years.

Emission reduction, recycling and separation is one category of the prestigious environmental technology award. With the Paver Laying Machine VM-301-GREENLINE, Probst GmbH has developed the world's first fully electrically driven paver installation machine, which was awarded third place in this category. The prize was received by Managing Director Eric Wilhelm and Marius Kaltenbach, Team Leader Laying Technology, on behalf of all Probst GmbH employees.

The VM-301-GREENLINE convinced the jury. The machine sets new standards in the market for working indoors and in underground garages without exhaust fumes and for laying paving stones almost silently.

"We make hard work easier. This is not just about the weight of the materials to be moved on the construction site or in concrete plants. As the first address for modern building material handling, the subjects of noise emission reduction, sustainability, resource conservation are not future issues, but present issues," emphasizes Eric Wilhelm, Managing Director of Probst GmbH.

The VM-301-GREENLINE combines electric motors with the long-proven basic concept of the laying machine, which allows not only environmentally friendly, but also long and quiet work. Especially in inner cities, the work of the installation machine with a classic combustion engine is only possible to a limited extent. Public tenders increasingly require exhaust-reduced construction work as a prerequisite for awarding contracts. In urban environments, near schools, kindergartens and hospitals, but also in underground parking garages, increasingly stringent pollutant and noise emission limits apply. As the first fully electrically driven paving machine, the VM-301-GREENLINE meets these requirements.

"I am impressed by the determination and consistency with which companies contribute to sustainability and environmental protection with resource-efficient processes and products. With the Baden-Württemberg Environmental Technology Award, we are honoring this commitment and giving companies the opportunity to present their innovative developments," explains Environment Minister Thekla Walker.

Probst GmbH puts great emphasis on sustainable, resource-saving business and has the seal of climate neutrality – so the recognition by the Environmental Technology Award is a great pleasure for Probst GmbH.

"The VM-301-GREENLINE has shown us that it is possible to meet the tough demands placed on a laying machine on a construction site even with electric drives. I am therefore very pleased that this important project has been implemented at Probst and that we can thus make our contribution to sustainable working on the construction site. The third place at the Environmental Technology Award is a great recognition for a great machine", says Marius Kaltenbach, Team Leader Laying Technology of the VM-301-GREENLINE.


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