A mechanical grab universally suitable for use on building sites engaged in civil engineering work and paving work.

The SG grab handles pack sizes as show in the data below without any gripping width adjustment.
Safe and easy transport of non-palletized building materials such as vertically steel-strapped (each row) paving blocks, slabs, kerb stones, etc.
SG-PGL2: In the event of damage on the outer ends of the rubber grippers, it is also possible to replace only these end areas.
Large variable gripping range.
Fork sleeves with manual turning device ET-D (with additional lifting eye for crane hook), ET-D/B as well as EH-3000 for crane hook operation to be ordered additionally as accessories.

Further information

  • Quick height adjustment.
  • Automatic release for the fully automatic switch over from “full” to “empty”.
  • Highly durable, exchangeable rubber bars as gripping elements.

Technical details

TypeOrder no.Length of Gripper (mm)Gripping Range (mm)Weight Dead Weight (kg)Inside Height (mm)Working Load Limit/WLL (kg)


ET-D/B: With wider distance between the sleeves and with longer sleeves, specially suitable for SG grabs. Fork sleeves: manual turn­ing device which engages itself every 90°. With security chain to avoid slipping.
EH-3000: ET-D/B with wider distance between the sleeves and with longer sleeves, specially suitable for SG grabs.
SSN-1,5/1,3/1,0: Security Net for operation of SG grabs in high-rise construction, is suspended underneath the load by hooking it into the handles of the SG grab.
TypeOrder no.Description Weight Dead Weight (kg)
ET-D43100411With additional lifting eye for crane hook 35
ET-D/B43100373Fork sleeve with manual device engaging 50
EH-300040110086Lifting eye for crane hook operation 4
SSN-1,5/1,3/1,045200061For SG-60-PGL2, SG-80-PGL2, SG-80-MAXI-PGL2, SG-100-PGL2 5

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