Pneumatic Rotating Clamp P-WG

For rotation by 90° or 180°of concrete products as for example slabs, side-angles, kerb stones.

Pneumatic clamping and rotating around the longitudinal axis.

Further information

  • Lifting eye for attaching to crane hook.
  • Pneumatic closing cylinder and additional manual adjustment for a larger opening width.
  • Manual-controlled valves for clamping and rotating at the guide handle.
  • Grippers coated with exchangeable rubbers.

Technical details

Type Order no. Working Load Limit/WLL (kg) Dead Weight (kg) Compressed Air Connection Pressure (bar) Opening Width Main Gripper (mm) Inside Height (mm) Angle Pivoting-/Rotation Angle (°Degree)
P-WG 57400109 500 200 6-10 600-2000 285 180


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