Grab for Prefabricated Concrete Products FTZ-MULTI

5 years warranty

Mechanical grab. Appropriate clamp configurations for versatile applications from a modular construction system. Same features as per FTZ-I/UNI.

FTZ-MULTI-15: Basic unit without grippers.

Further information

  • Extraordinary large gripping range, thus suitable for gripping nearly all kind of standard concrete elements and natural stones.
  • The individual modules are available separately and hence a huge range of applications can be covered at a reasonable price.
  • Durable surface protection by galvanizing.

Technical details

Type Order no. Working Load Limit/WLL (kg) Dead Weight (kg) Inside Height (mm)
FTZ-MULTI-15 Basic Device 53100348 1500 98 255


FTZ-MULTI-15-WB-G-42: Large gripping range, short rubber grippers - preferably suitable for handling of single elements.
FTZ-MULTI-15-WB-G-120: Large gripping range, large rubber grippers - preferably suitable for handling of full layers, such as one layer of kerb stones.
FTZ-MULTI-15-WB-SQ: Special interlocking steelfinger grippers allow for safe installation of roughly-cut ashlar rocks.
Adjustable Height Stop HVA-FTZ/TSZ: for all versions of FTZ-UNI/MAXI/MULTI and TSZ-UNI. Adjustable range TSZ-UNI/MAXI approx. 55 – 140 mm (2¼ – 5½ inch). Adjustable range FTZ-UNI/MAXI-25 and FTZ-UNI/MULTI-15 approx. 120 – 255 mm (4¾ – 10 inch). FTZ-UNI-50 approx. 55 – 155 mm (2¼ – 6¼ inch). FTZ-MAXI-50 approx. 55 – 195 mm (2¼ – 7¾ inch).
SAFETY-INDICATOR FTZ-SI: Visually indicates gripping safety during the entire installation process. If, for example, dirt or moisture should cause the gripped material to slip, the red indicators provide a timely warning. Suitable for mounting on all of the FTZ graps except FTZ-I and FTZ-BB.
Type Order no. Description Dead Weight (kg) Gripping Range (mm) Length of Gripper (mm) Inside Height (mm) Dimensions LxWxH (mm)
FTZ-MULTI-15-WB-G-42 43100942 (pair) 15,12 200-1250 420 255
FTZ-MULTI-15-WB-G-120 43100943 (pair) 43,77 200-1250 1200 255
FTZ-MULTI-15-WB-SQ 43100941 (pair) 33,80 200-1200 300
Adjustable Height Stop HVA-FTZ/TSZ 43100867 2,5
SAFETY-INDICATOR FTZ-SI 43101803 16,0 770x180x271

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