Gantry Crane Rotating Clamp for Concrete Pipes PWG-R

A special hydraulic clamp designed to lift and rotate large concrete pipes by 90°.

Hydraulically powered by means of an electro hydraulic pump unit.
Incl. electric installation, connection 400 V/50 Hz.

Further information

  • Space saving use on gantry crane.
  • Fully hydraulic clamp, adjustable to various diameters.
  • Large surface pressure pads with swinging rubber grippers ensure a good pressure distribution all over and so enable the production area to be cleared more quickly.
  • The parallel movement of the gripping arms means that little space is required between the pipes.

Technical details

Type Order no. Working Load Limit/WLL (kg) Dead Weight (kg) Length of Gripper (mm) Inside Height (mm) Diameter outside (mm) Working Pressure (bar) Angle Pivoting-/Rotation Angle (°Degree)
PWG-R-3 57450004 3000 1500 500 1600 400-1200 210 100
PWG-R-7 57450006 7000 3150 900 2050 400-1880 210 100
PWG-R-13 57450008 13000 9200 1360 2190 1080-2750 210 100
PWG-R-20 57450007 20000 15000 1500 2350 1800-3550 210 100


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