Block Loading Grabs AKZ-UNI with a Fixed Height

Specially designed for use with truck loading cranes. For the transportation of palletised and unpalletised packs of blocks.

In the case of unpalletised stone packages, ensure that the strapping is sufficiently stable.

Further information

  • Light weight construction in high tensile steel.
  • Fully hydraulically adjustable opening range.
  • Large, low-maintenance plastic sliding guides.
  • Manually adjustable pressure-reducing valve.
  • Oil pressure gauge.
  • Robust gear rack balance for the absolute synchronous running of the hydraulic cylinders.
  • Optional available: 4 screw hooks with safety lock for holding ropes or belts, for example for BigBags. (1 hook per handle). The screw hooks must take the load in equal parts.
  • The slide bearings carry a 5 year guarantee.
  • The generous opening range and the quick change grippers of various lengths and design make the AKZ adaptable to carry all the usual packs of building materials (see Accessories).

Technical details

Type Order no. Working Load Limit/WLL (kg) Dead Weight (kg) Hydraulic Connection Pressure (bar) Opening Width Main Gripper (mm) Inside Height (mm) Gripper Base Length Main Gripper (mm)
AKZ-UNI-850 56100850-1000 3000 310 180-210 370-1370 850 1000
AKZ-UNI-1000 56101000-1000 3000 320 180-210 370-1370 1000 1000
AKZ-UNI-1100 56101100-1000 3000 325 180-210 370-1370 1100 1000
AKZ-UNI-1230 56101230-1000 3000 345 180-210 370-1370 1230 1000
AKZ-UNI-1230 56101230-1250 3000 370 180-210 370-1370 1230 1250
AKZ-UNI-1300 56101300-1000 2500 350 180-210 370-1370 1300 1000


Type Order no. Description Dead Weight (kg) Quantity (Pieces)
Screw hook AKZ-UNI 46100444 For hanging up BigBags 2 1


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