The Probst Eagle is back!

16. November 2015

"What ever happened to your eagle?", "Why is the eagle missing from your trade show booth?", customers are still asking about the Probst Eagle even though the symbolic figure was eliminated over 5 years ago. The remaining stock of Probst clothing with the eagle emblem were in high demand. Due to the ongoing popularity of the Probst Eagle, the company has decided to bring this popular character back.

Of course the bird of prey had to be modernised first and updated to meet the latest safety standards. The overalls and cap have been replaced with a hard hat and safety vest. The plumage is now Probst blue instead of brown. The cheeky look and the metal claws which symbolise the core properties of Probst machines and equipment  - powerful and reliable gripping at all times - have been kept.

Director Martin Probst is delighted with the comeback: "I was often approached about our eagle, especially by foreign customers. The bird of prey is very popular in Arab and North American countries on account of its power, stamina, ease and speed. Exactly these properties are also reflected in our products."

The Probst Eagle will now be reintroduced to the external communication of Probst bit by bit. Director of Sales and Marketing Holger Merholz is betting on the recognition value: "With the large number of banners at the trade shows, the company name gets lost. The eagle is recognised at a glance and – as soon as it regains its high brand awareness – associated with Probst. Now everyone who wants to visit our trade show booth will have an even easier time finding us." 

Of course the popular character will also guide the way to the Probst booth at the two large trade shows in 2016 - bauma and GaLaBau.