Best prospects for your paving work: Probst presents VM-X-PAVERMAX

360° panoramic view meets maximum laying comfort.

The redesign of paving installation started with observation and dialogue on the construction site. As a customer-oriented innovation leader, Probst, based in the Swabian town of Erdmannhausen, took on board user feedback and challenged existing industry solutions. The result is a groundbreaking concept in paving installation: the Probst VM-X-PAVERMAX.

In this consistent approach, Probst combines it‘s 60 years of know-how as an international world market leader in building materials handling with the knowledge of a hidden champion in the field of paving laying machines.

"The control of paving installation is becoming more convenient and clearer than ever," says Eric Wilhelm, Managing Director of the Probst Group. "Starting from the requirements of the users, we have recognised: Some things on the construction site simply have to be reinvented."
Whilst in the construction machinery industry, machine solutions that have been in existence for decades are often only improved in small steps, both visually and technically, the Swabian manufacturer chose the fundamental new concept of paving. "Goal achieved - we have created a new standard for the modern construction site," says Eric Wilhelm, whose enthusiasm for the VM-X-PAVERMAX and the application concept is obvious.

Holger Merholz, overall sales manager at Probst, is also enthusiastic: "The VM-X-PAVERMAX once again clearly shows what our claim is: We make hard work easier." Thanks to the 360° all-round view with full glazing, it offers a completely new feeling of space and an optimal view of the laying edge. The stability with a load capacity of up to 700 kg and the optional automatic programmes ensure efficient laying of all standard interlocking block laying units.

The VM-X-PAVERMAX comes to the international market as a product family with four attractive equipment variants to meet the different demands of customers worldwide. The Probst Group, with sales companies in Europe, America and Asia, has realised growth above the industry average in recent years through a dealer network with over 1,400 sales outlets globally. The combination of Probst clamps and laying machine will therefore not only appeal to the domestic European market. It will "take hold" in all international markets.

"We have designed a new vehicle platform that enables us to manufacture four high-performance machines for the individual demands of our customers," explains Marius Kaltenbach, team leader for laying technology in the Probst development department. With the four variants of the VM-X-PAVERMAX, basic, standard, comfort and premium, customers can choose individually from basic equipment to full equipment with efficient automatic programmes. Common to all variants is the impressive quiet running as well as the double articulated steering system for maximum manoeuvrability in the tightest of spaces - an elementary requirement for today's construction machines on narrow, inner-city construction sites.

The end piece of this concept, so to speak, are the application-proven Probst laying clamps, which can be easily adjusted to the manufacturer-specific paving stones to be laid. The buyer of the VM-X-PAVERMAX can expect a high laying performance. "The more square metres of paving laid per hour, the more money is earned," Holger Merholz affirms the important economic aspect of paving installation. Another point that pays into the topic of economic efficiency: as an additional application, the VM-X-PAVERMAX can work efficiently with many lever solutions of Probst vacuum technology and thus becomes a real laying all-rounder.

The new VM-X-PAVERMAX will then be seen in action for the first time at a trade fair at this year's TiefbauLive from 05 - 07 May in Karlsruhe.

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