Retailer Training 20-22 Feb 2011

25. February 2011

On 20 February in Erdmannhausen, 41 Probst retailers from 18 countries met to attend an advanced training / further education course scheduled to run until 22 February.

Things kicked off with a joint dinner at the Waldhotel Forsthof on Sunday evening, where everyone was given ample time to get to know each other and refresh old acquaintanceships. Satisfying both necessity and desire at the same time, it was possible to exchange and discuss opinions and experiences; indeed this was something of a recurring theme for the duration of the course.

The official starting signal for the course was the next morning in the new Probst showroom: “Vacuum technology” was on the agenda and before heading to lunch, there were a number of helpful tips and points on how to shine a positive light on the quality and practical relevance of Probst’s products. After lunch, the main plant in Erdmannhausen was paid a visit. Insights into the topic of “Service & Spare Parts” were given before the cross-national exchange of ideas, once again, took the initiative.

After an eventful and highly informative first day, the participants retired again to the Waldhotel, where they were able to relax, get to know each other better and regain their strength over an evening meal.

Tuesday was heralded in by the head of Probst himself, who presented numerous innovations and improvements. The retailers used the subsequent large tools presentation to finally try the machinery out for themselves. Learning by doing – it’s effective and fun; it didn't take long for them to get the hang of the equipment and it was only the call to lunch that dampened the enthusiasm for an hour.

After lunch, things continued where they left off: theory and, above all, practical knowledge of large machinery were expanded on even further, until the course finished in the evening with the presentation of the certificates of attendance.