Probst FLEXMARKER-KIT FMK wins the GaLaBau Innovation Medal

24. September 2014

133 new products were entered for the innovation medal awarded at the GaLabau 2014 trade show. The GaLaBau evaluation committee selected 19 happy winners and awarded them with the GaLaBau Innovation Medal, distinguishing them as important technical innovations for garden, landscaping and building playing fields. This identifies these products as making significant contributions to increasing productivity and operating reliability and to making work safer and easier.

The FLEXMARKER-KIT FMK by Probst Greiftechnik Verlegesysteme GmbH was also awarded the GaLaBau Innovation Medal. The reasoning of the jury: "The FLEXMARKER-KIT FMK is an innovative product which saves time when it comes to building curved edges and can improve the quality of the lines. The paths can be marked quickly and with little material using flexible fibreglass rods. A curvature and elevation laid out with the FLEXMARKER-KIT FMK is an ideal way to allow the customer to visualise the lines of pathways and beds."

BGL president August Forster and Ulrich Schäfer, president of the Verband Garten-, Landschafts- und Sportplatzbau Bayern e.V., awarded the prize to the Probst GmbH Director of Sales and Marketing, Holger Merholz. "When curved paths and beds are installed, inharmonious curves often only become apparent after installation, and correcting them takes a lot of time even for GaLaBau professionals. Our new FLEXMARKER-KIT FMK lets you build harmonic curve and elevation layouts quickly and easily, and rework due to disruption of the visual lines is eliminated. The curve shape is marked with fibreglass rods, providing an ideal way for the customer to visualise "his" garden path", Holger Merholz says.

During the development phase, Baden-Württemberg company Probst GmbH asked selected customers to put the GaLaBau device through its paces. One of these was the company Götz Karlheinz Garten & Design, and Karlheinz Götz tells us: "The kit meets all of my expectations. We can definitely recommend this kit. Apprentices in particular have an easier time laying paving stones in curved patterns and are also faster as a result." Joachim Bräuninger, owner of the Bräuninger GmbH *Garten und Landschaftsbau* in Remchingen, also has good things to say about the FLEXMARKER-KIT: "We've already used it twice with different supervisors. Both of them are thrilled and the response from our employees was that they will definitely use the Flexmarker-Kit in the future for curved lines."

The FLEXMARKER-KIT FMK is a complete system for designing and marking free curve lines. It consists of 10 fibreglass rods, each of them 1 metre long, 10 binders for pegs and 5 fixing claws.