International knowledge transfer at the Probst Professional Installer Meeting

20. September 2012

Strong sandstorms blowing away a bedding layer in minutes, gigantic installation surface and the difficulties of procuring bedding material – every country brings special challenges for installers. At the Professional Installer Meeting Probst clients from all over the world reported on the experiences in their countries.

Within the International Trade Fair for urban green and open spaces GaLaBau Probst GmbH invited clients from 9 different nations spending an evening together. While during the daytime the Probst stand was crowded, the evening event was a welcome opportunity to swap knowledge and experiences in a relaxed atmosphere. 

In short presentations users from Russia, Sweden, USA and Germany told about their projects and about using the Paver Laying Machine VM and the Screeding Machine POWERPLAN PP on building sites all over the world. Almost  50 participants followed the presentations and used the opportunity to exchange experiences, ideas, tips and tricks.

After some culinary pleasures managing director Martin Probst warmly welcomed all the guests. Bill Schneider managing director of Aqua Paving – an American paving contractor, talked about his experiences laying water-permeable paving stones on construction sides in the USA. Reinhard Kaß, managing director of GaLaBau Emsland – already a Probst customer since almost 20 years – talked about the requirements of the employees. Silent machines are making the work easier, because they avoid trouble with the residents next to the construction site.

Mr. Seliverstov from the company ASBI does his work in Russia only with Probst machines but his procedure is completely different from the German procedure. In his country material for the sub-base is very rare and extremely hard to find. That’s why he concretes the ground instead, screeding sand on top and after that laying the paving stones – that’s pavement laying in Russian.

Sandstorms and construction workers without any driving experience – Thomas Zenth from Zenth & Ludwig Pflasterbau GmbH experienced on his travels as demonstrator for Probst a lot of challenges. In his presentation he talked about his surprise, coming back to a construction site in Egypt after lunch and the whole bedding layer was blown away from a sandstorm. Anders Junghage from the Swedish company Stenteknik spoke about the special tricks, screeding large sport fields.  

440.000 m² installation surface  – german installers can only dream about this -  – for the TB-Group it is a real-life project. Managing director Mr. Volkov talked about his gigantic construction site for the olympic games 2014 in Sotschi. His dynamic short movie about working with Probst Screeding Machines and the POWERPLAN caused an enthusiastic reaction and a spontaneous applause during the movie.  

The Probst team thanked all the speakers and participants coming a long way to join the installer meeting. As a little gift everybody received a „Probst get‘s things moving“ T-Shirt