GaLaBau 2012: Huge crowd at the Probst exhibition stand

20. September 2012

„At the probst exhibition stand you feel like a child in the toy store – you always find something that you really would like to have“ says a client with a smile, while giving his order at the Probst stand. Over 4000 visitors used the opportunity from 12. to 15. September to take a personal look to the new products and classics from the global market leader Probst.

Presented close to practical needs all equipment and machines could be touched and tested. Neither old hands nor newcomers wanted to miss that, so there was plenty of action. Visitors from more than 21 countries came to the exhibition. The great benefits and the amazing durability of the products, even under adverse conditions, enjoyed high popularity. 

At the Probst action zone on the outdoor grounds of the fair the big machines were shown. In live demonstrations the flagship of the laying machines – the VM-401-MULTIMATIC was presented in operation. Afterwards the visitors could take a seat in the cabin  and convince themselves of the advantages of the new integrated program control.

The small working tools were a public magnet. Almost every minute somebody asked for the STRINGTIGHT SB  the innovation for accurate straight lines, the PAVERMARKER PM – the unbreakable, wear-resistant crayon or the FLEXMARKER KIT for layout and marking arbitrary radii.

A special highlight was the installer meeting on Thursday evening. International long-time customers reported in brief presentations about their experiences using laying and screeding machines in Russia, Sweden, USA and Qatar. To enable a direct comparison a German user presented his paving projects. Nearly 50 participants from 9 nations followed the presentations and used the opportunity to share tips and tricks afterwards.

Thanks to all the visitors for your interest, the exciting experience reports, the encouragement and the interesting new development ideas. 2014 we'll be there again!