Pallet Forks PGH with load-securing chain

For use with truck loading cranes and fork lift trucks.
Equipped as standard with security chain, thus approved as per rule EN 13155 for transport of individual loads (such as plastic coated, palletized loads).
Approved for use with truck loading cranes for unloading packs of building material at construction sites at near-ground areas without application of security chain.
Adjustable height and fork width (external).
We recommend the Quick Change Device SWV (see page 58) for use with truck loading cranes with a hydraulic rotator.

Further information

  • Comes with hydraulically operated centre-of-gravity-balance, enabling the forks to tilt forward and backwards in the full and empty position.
  • With rotator (additional equipment).
  • Standard flange plate to mount the rotator or quick-change-device.
  • Forks with long, conical taper for optimal insert underneath the pallets.
  • Low payload loss on truck loading crane.
  • Light-weight construction due to use of high tensile fine-grain steel.

Technical details

TypeOrder no.Hydraulic Connection Pressure (bar)Weight Dead Weight (kg)Working Load Limit/WLL (kg)Fork Dimensions LxWxH (mm)


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