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Joint filling with electric forward drive.

Fast and flexible filling of pavement joints on small and medium sized areas. The joint material can be grouted either dry or with the addition of water.
The EF-H-Greenline works emission-free and quietly. The electric drive is a great advantage, especially when working in city centres or underground car parks.
With one battery charge, approx. 100 m² (1076 sq ft) of surface can be grouted in 40 minutes.
The electric drive not only drives the brush discs, but also generates a forward drive! This means that the unit does not have to be pushed with a lot of force, it just needs to be guided!

Further information

  • Rigid, resistant brushes for optimal joint filling.
  • Continuous height adjustment of the brushes.
  • Electric drive – lithium-ion battery.
  • Powered by rechargeable 82V lithium-ion battery (exchangeable battery concept), additional batteries optionally available. Charging time approx. 75 min.

Scope of supply

EF-H-GREENLINE: EASYFILL Paver Jointing Device, 1 x Lithium-ion battery and 1 x charger 220V/82 V.
EF-H-GREENLINE-110: EASYFILL Paver Jointing Device, 1 x lithium-ion battery and 1 x charger 110V/82 V.

Technical details

Type Order no. Dead Weight (kg) Type of Drive electric/Battery (kW) Dimensions LxWxH (mm) Working Voltage (V) Working Width (mm) Battery Capacity (Ah)
EF-H-GREENLINE 51700008 112 1,5 800x1170x635 82 1170 5
EF-H-GREENLINE-110 51700009 112 1,5 800x1170x635 82 1170 5


Type Order no. Description Dead Weight (kg) Dimensions LxWxH (mm) Working Voltage (V) Battery Capacity (Ah)
Lithium-ion battery 82V/5Ah 24200148 Battery for EF-H-GREENLINE 2,6 210x120x85 82 5
EF-H-LG-220V/82V 24110216 Battery charger for EF-H-GREENLINE 1,562
EF-H-LG-110V/82V 24110221 Battery charger for EF-H-GREENLINE-110 1,475
Brush for EF-H 41700002 0,75


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