Tilteable suction plate ESP-SW

With automatic retraction ESP-SW-B:
Specially designed for the laying of slabs, which are delivered to site in vertical position, but have to be placed in horizontal position.
Slabs can be lifted in the vertical position.
Tilting into the horizontal position controlled by pulling a hand lever.
After the installation of the slab in horizontal position, the suction plate retracts itself into vertical position by a gas spring, when the hand lever is pulled once more.

With free swiveling action ESP-SW-F:
Specially designed for handling of slabs in concrete and natural processing factories.
When positioning the suction plate out of the center of gravity on a horizontal slab, the slab is tilting itself into the vertical position when lifted. In this position, the slab can be stored vertically on a transportation pallet.
When positioning in the center of gravity, the slab stays in the horizontal position when lifted.
Suction plate can be locked in different positions by spring loaded bolt.
With integrated suction release device for easier release of the suction plate from the slab element. Operating of the suction release device only when no load is lifted!
Fastening suitable for Quick Change Adapter SWA-200.

Technical details

Type Order no. Working Load Limit/WLL -420 mbar (kg) Dead Weight (kg) Dimensions LxW (mm) Angle Pivoting-/Rotation Angle (°Degree)
ESP-SW-B-H-VH-150-33/33-0 42100096 150 12 330x330 90
ESP-SW-F-F-250-75/30-A 42100095 250 19 750x300 90
ESP-SW-F-F-150-40/25-A 42100190 150 15 400x250 90


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