Specially designed for the heavy duty work with forklift truck, directly fixed to the carriage plate of the forklift.

We recommend the use of a side-shift built into the forklift.
Supplied without connecting hoses to the forklift-truck.

Further information

  • Light-weight, yet with a high working load limit due to the use of high-tensile steel for load bearing parts.
  • Can fit all the usual packs of building materials due to a large opening range and to the exchangeable grippers which come invarious lengths and designs.
  • Fully hydraulic parallel opening range.
  • Low maintenance steel plastic sliding guides.
  • Manually adjustable pressure relieve valve.
  • Oil Pressure Gauge.
  • Plastic sliding guides come with a 5 year guarantee.
  • Larger or modified opening widths and heights are available on request.

Technical details

STAZ-UNI-P-1000: grips the pack by pressing it towards the gripper close to the forklift. This achieves smallest possible load center of the pack.
Type Order no. Working Load Limit/WLL (kg) Dead Weight (kg) Hydraulic Connection Pressure (bar) Opening Width Main Gripper (mm) Inside Height (mm) Gripper Base Length Main Gripper (mm)
STAZ-UNI-P-1000 57000087 2300 440 180-210 580-1260 1000
57000173 2000 710 180-210 370-1370 1000 1250


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